20th May 2019

Solving your Secure Storage Scares: Warner Brothers Case Study

During your commercial renovation or refurbishment, secure storage of your belongings is the last thing you want to be worrying about. Whether you’re taking on a […]
13th May 2019

Making sure your office refurbishment goes without a hitch

Found yourself speedily taking on an office refurbishment thanks to a quickly growing business? When it comes to your office, we all know how much a […]
19th March 2019
How to pack a picture

How to Pack a Picture

Packing Pictures Want to know how to pack your pictures and paintings for removal in a professional way? Read on! We have all the tips and […]
20th February 2019

How to Pack Boxes for Moving

Our clients often ask us how to best prepare to move. Very often people want to know how to pack their boxes, what boxes and materials […]
8th January 2019
How to Pack a Vase for Moving or Storing

How to Pack a Vase for Moving or Storing

Vases are fragile and awkward to move, which is why properly packing your vase for your move or for storage is essential to keeping it in […]
1st August 2018
moving out of london

20 Steps to Making Your London Move Easy

There are a lot of things you need to prepare before moving out of London. Moving house out of London can be a stressful time in […]
2nd February 2018
We are now accepting payments in Bitcoin!

We are now accepting payments in Bitcoin!

Removals and Storage Experts LTD is excited to announce that we will start accepting Bitcoin as another payment method for our services! For those who do […]
17th January 2018
How to Dismantle a Bunk Bed 21

How to Dismantle a Bunk Bed

Bunk beds are heavy and awkward to move, which is why preparing to take apart your bunk bed properly before you move is essential. We recommend […]
12th January 2018
helping children charity

Removal & Storage Experts is helping children charity

Removals & Storage Experts have been supporting the charity in various logistics needs here in London from the very first event in 2011 with the goal […]
7th February 2017
planning a local move

Planning a local move with less stress

There’s a misconception for people looking at home removal services in London that relocating locally will be easy, however contrary to what most people believe, a […]
12th December 2016
How to pack a mirror for moving

How to pack a mirror for moving?

A lot of our clients who are booking only a moving service with us ask us about how to pack a mirror for moving. So we’ve […]
3rd November 2016
Parking in insligton

Things you should know about parking in Islington when moving

Parking bay suspension may be a thing of the past in Greater London for various of reasons. In some cases it is necessary, but let’s focus […]
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