21st November 2020
Interior design guide to minimal living

An Interior Design Guide to Minimal Living

Minimalism has become the Zen Buddhism of interior design. Whether you call it Marie Kondo, feng sui, or house fasting, it's sending homeowners into a decluttering frenzy. Let's find out how to achieve a minimalist style interior design.
20th November 2020
Brandable boxes and packaging solutions

The Ultimate List Of Storage & Packaging Solutions

When moving home or putting stuff in storage there are a lot of items necessary to help the process run smoothly and safely. Compare some of the best storage and packing solutions in our ultimate list.
19th November 2020
Commercial Storage Tips and Tricks

Everything You Need to Know About Commercial Storage

As your business grows and evolves, you may at some stage find you require extra storage space, either temporarily or for the longer term, to keep your business running smoothly. We’ve listed our top tips and tricks to consider when looking for storage for your business.
22nd July 2020
List Of Home Improvement Companies In London

List of Home Improvement Companies in London

Removals and Storage Experts have put together an ultimate list of home improvement companies in London. Whether you are moving home, or in need of a […]
21st April 2020

COVID-19 Announcement

12th August 2019
Room to grow: how decluttering your home elevates your mood

Room to Grow: How Decluttering your Home Elevates your Mood

Tired of coming home to the same cluttered house every night? From feng shui to Marie Kondo’s art of tidying up, decluttering your home is becoming […]
5th August 2019

Student Moves: Getting Settled in a New City

Can’t wait for the new student year to roll around? No matter how you’re spending your summer, there’s nothing quite like your uni life to look […]
15th July 2019
Enjoying your move: the ultimate removals and storage London checklist

Enjoying your Move: The Ultimate Checklist

Overwhelmed by the number of jobs you’ve got to get done before your removals and storage London journey can begin? Here at Removals and Storage Experts, […]
24th June 2019
Making the most of your home: 6 reasons to consider storage in London

Making the Most of Your Space: 6 Reasons to Consider Storage in London

Fast-paced city life meaning you’re on the lookout  for premium storage in London? No matter what part of the big city you’re living in, storage units […]
10th June 2019

Making a Fresh Start: 3 Benefits to Downsizing

Downsizing is often associated with the later stages of life, but did you know there are many benefits that come with moving to a smaller home? […]
20th May 2019

Solving your Secure Storage Scares: Warner Brothers Case Study

During your commercial renovation or refurbishment, secure storage of your belongings is the last thing you want to be worrying about. Whether you’re taking on a […]
19th March 2019
How to pack a picture

How to Pack a Picture

Packing Pictures Want to know how to pack your pictures and paintings for removal in a professional way? Read on! We have all the tips and […]
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