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10 Moving Tips for an organised move

top tips for organized moveFrom experience, and speaking with our customers over the years, here are 10 of the most common points which should be organised and started when deciding to move home.


Bank. Notify your bank/banks of the change of your address as soon as you know your new address.

DVLA. You will need to renew your driving licence and vehicle registration documents. For some more information about how to change the address on your driving licence call: DVLA 0870 2400009, and on your vehicle registration document: DVLA 0870 2400010. For more information go to www.dvla.gov.uk

Council. Notify council in your current area and the area you are moving to about your Move – they will be able to arrange a new council tax rates for you. For more info go to www.voa.gov.uk

Inform the local council about your move – don’t loose your right to vote in future elections. www.aboutmyvote.co.uk

Inland Revenue. Notify your local tax office about your new address.

Utility Services. Change your utility services: Electricity, Gas, Water – give them at least 48 hours notice.

Insurance. Don’t forget to change the address on your Life, House, Motor or Medical Insurance.

TV Licence. Call TV Licensing to move your TV to the new address : 0844 800 6722 or visit http://www.tvlicensing.co.uk/moving

Internet/mobile phones. Contact your provider to advise of the change of address. Give them at least 1 month notice if you would like to cancel the services.

Doctor, Dentist & Opticians. If you are moving far away form your current address, you will have to find a new doctor, dentist or optician. De-register with the old ones and find the new ones at www.nhs.uk. This website will help you to find the nearest medical services in the new area.

Re-direct your mail– you can arrange this service with Post Office.They require seven days notice.


Start packing as soon as possible (at least 2 weeks before your move) and finish latest one day before your move. The sooner you start the quicker you realize how many things you have – especially those you hardly ever use, all hidden at the back of cupboards and wardrobes. Packing time can be a good opportunity to clear out your premises and get rid of things you no more need. Pack up and sort your winter/summer clothes – everything you don’t use anymore donate to your local charity shops. Collect the boxes from your local shops or order them from the removal company, which will be moving you later on. Mark all of them with the name of the place you would like them to be moved to at the new address – that will really speed the whole move.


If there are any parking restrictions at your current or new address – you will have to contact your local council to arrange for any necessary parking suspensions for the removal vans. They usually require 10 working days notice.


Don’t forget to empty and defrost your Fridges/Freezers. Put your food into a plastic bags.


Disconnect your Washer. You can either do it by yourself, arrange it with a plumber or with your removal company.


Dismantle any furniture which is too big to be moved in one piece. Our guys can do it for you on the day of service but we would have to be advised about it in advance.


Make sure you have the keys to your new premises available upon arrival of the removal team, otherwise additional charges might apply.


Keep your valuables and documents in a one safe place. You wouldn’t like to search for them on the removal day.


Make sure that your mobile phone is fully charged for the day of removal service, and you can stay in touch with the removal team.


Keep them busy and happy during the whole removal day. Pack their favourite toys/books into a one clearly marked box for an easy access. Ask them as they might be happy to help and pack their own things into the boxes.

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