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9 Hacks To Declutter Your Workspace

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Whether you’re currently working from home or are in your company office, knowing how to declutter your office space can help to enhance your productivity, as well as provide many other benefits, including:

  • Increased motivation
  • A calmer workspace
  • Reduced stress and anxiety levels
  • Improved comfort
  • Enhanced creativity
  • Help to focus on work tasks

Unfortunately, your workspace can become a magnet for disorder if not taken care of. However, with a few handy tips you’ll know how to declutter your office space quickly and efficiently.

In this article, we’ll reveal the best 9 hacks to declutter your workspace and get your office in order.

Schedule a weekly clean

Finding time to declutter your workspace can be challenging, especially if you’ve got other pressing demands. That’s why it’s best to schedule a weekly clean, to make sure tidying up stays a priority and becomes a part of your routine.

How to do it: Either make a note in your calendar or set a timer each week and spend 5-10 minutes clearing clutter and any other disorganisation from your desk. You’ll feel much calmer and fulfilled afterwards.

Get organisers for your desk

One of the best ways to declutter home offices and workspaces is to get organisers to store your much-needed desk accessories.

How to do it: Purchase a pen cup, file organisers and any other workspace organisers so you know exactly where to store your stationery. Declutter office papers by using a paper tray or additional file. It’ll produce a much calmer and less stressful workspace as well as enhancing your productivity as you know where to find everything.

Digitise your bills and invoices

Declutter office papers by going digital. This is one of the most effective hacks to declutter both your home office and professional workstation.

How to do it: Simply transfer your bills and invoices to a digital system by scanning them in. You can then produce them electronically and store them to a digital file. Additionally, you can sign up for notifications from your suppliers, so you don’t miss any payments. This will make your life much easier in the long run.

Get some extra storage

If your clutter contains important office documents, it may be time to find some extra storage space.How to do it: Having a desk with drawers, or acquiring a filing cabinet can give you essential space for office documents. Declutter office supplies by using drawer or cabinet inserts to keep them organised. This means you’ll be able to find everything in your extra storage rather than hoping for the best. Having extra storage around your home provides more space for you to create a more comfortable, cleaner and overall healthier area for you to work in day-to-day.

Recycle papers

Decluttering your office desk from mess and unnecessary junk will enhance your sense of calm –  and it’s always a good idea to recycle where you can.

How to do it: Instead of simply throwing unwanted papers in the bin, try recycling them instead. It’s much better for the environment and you’ll give your desk a much needed freshen up. Make sure you shred any sensitive documents first, though.

Sort out your cables

Cables can become a nightmare, especially if you have lots of technology on or around your desk. Tidying your cables will help stop them from being unruly. 

How to do it: You can purchase a cable tidy or clips for technology that you need on your desk, such as extension cords or cables from a desktop computer. If you have space, try moving equipment, such as a printer, to another area of the room. It will make your desk feel tidier and fresher, helping to clear your mind from unwanted mess.

Use labels

Don’t know where anything is on your desk? Maybe it’s time to start making labels. Labelling your files, trays and drawers will help you to find anything at short notice.

How to do it: Depending on how much paperwork you have, you can simply go ahead and label incoming, outgoing, important files, admin, etc. You can also colour code to keep items grouped together too.

Create a 3 step system for tidying

If you find clearing your clutter difficult then this 3 step system may help.

How to do it: Simply place each item into 3 piles – keep, throw away, move. For each item, decide how much you really need it at your desk. You can place it in the ‘keep at your desk’ pile, in the pile for the bin, or in the pile that can be moved to another area of your office or home. This simple exercise is effective for cutting down the amount of clutter on your desk. Additionally, it will keep your workspace organised so you can focus more clearly on your work tasks.

Put old files and documents into storage

Do you have old files and documents cluttering your home workspace area? Then, depending on the space you have available, it might be a good idea to put them into storage.How to do it: If you have a lot of files, it may be worth placing them in your loft, garage or a dedicated archive space. If you only have limited storage at your disposal, paying for a commercial storage unit may be the most efficient method for you.

Create an office ‘flow’

Instead of placing supplies, documents and paper wherever, establish an office ‘flow’ to create an organised working space.

How to do it: Make a designated space for projects you’re working on, office mail, office supplies and emergency items. If you want to enhance your productivity, create a corner space for trash, coats and belongings and other everyday items like a beverage area. You should also designate an area for important documents, stationery and paper.

A Removals & Storage Service To Help You Declutter With Ease

Now you know how to declutter your office space, you can work with enhanced productivity and less stress.Do you need assistance with decluttering your workspace? Declutter with ease by using Removal Experts. We help businesses and individuals declutter with removals and storage services. Get a free quote now.

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