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An Interior Design Guide to Minimal Living

Interior design guide to minimal living

Minimalism has become the Zen Buddhism of interior design. Whether you call it Marie Kondo, feng sui, or house fasting, it’s sending homeowners into a decluttering frenzy. You are your environment. The clutter in your home clutters up your mind, but it also causes problems on a more practical level. Do you ever feel as though you have to hunt for everything you need? All of that searching uses up energy that could be better spent on more important pursuits. Minimalism isn’t as easy to achieve as you might think, though, particularly in terms of storage. All those bookshelves and closets will need to be pared down, so where do you put your possessions? Let’s find out how to achieve a minimalist style interior design.

Top Tips to Declutter and Achieve a Minimalist Home

Minimalism is less forgiving than other kinds of decorating. It requires every furnishing to perform several jobs at once. The fewer workers there are in a factory, the more tasks each employee must do to keep the space functional, and the same applies to minimalist interior design. The less furniture you use, the more work each piece must perform. You’ll need storage solutions that contribute to your space without cluttering it up. With a little creativity and a lot of thought, you’ll soon create an interior worthy of Marie Kondo herself.

Decide What to Throw Out

The Marie Kondo decluttering method requires you to reassess your priorities. It suggests you discard everything that you don’t cherish or use. If you’re uncertain about an item, put it in a box to reassess in six months’ time. Every item that you keep in your home should give you a thrill, so pay attention to how you feel when you hold it.

Use Hidden Storage

If you’re designing a minimalist space, you’ll need to include minimalist storage solutions. Get creative with your hidden space. Your bed base can double as a set of pull-out drawers. Your stairs are opportunities for more pull-out storage. Buy an upholstered storage bench and find creative ways to disguise the possessions you don’t want to display. Even your headboard can be transformed into a pull-out closet. There are infinite opportunities to hide your clutter if you think creatively.

Hidden storage for minimalist space

Make Your Kitchen Seamless

Decluttering isn’t merely about storage. You’ll also need to minimise your use of lines and texture. Fortunately, minimalist cabinetry is on-trend. Seamless closet doors can cover your existing cabinets, stoves, and refrigerator to limit visual clutter. This is a great opportunity to exploit your vertical space. Consider lengthening your cabinets or adding hidden shelving above them.

making kitchen seamless

Experiment with Container Systems

Modular shelving is hot right now, and it’s as useful as it is fashionable. Create storage modules out of vertically-stacked wooden boxes. There’s no cheaper way to use up all that valuable wall space. If that creates too much clutter, consider adding a sheer glass cabinet front.

container systems for minimal living

Raise your Living Room

Living room minimal interior design is easy when you stop limiting your flooring options. If you have an open plan home, you can add height to your living room by raising it on a hidden storage system. Packing drawers or cabinets beneath your furniture will help unify your living areas. It’s also cheaper than you think, particularly if you’re handy with wood. If you’d rather build in the opposite direction, a sunken lounge design comes with just as much storage if you build closets underneath your floors.

living room minimal interior design

Don’t Ignore Your Closet Doors

If you think you’ve used up all your closet space, think again. The inside of your cabinet and closet doors is an opportunity for extra hanging space. Install crown moulding for your shoes and hang hampers from your doors or closet walls. Glue clothespins and binder clips onto vertical spaces for storing towels, cords, and cutlery. Hide your dustbins in your pull-out cabinets and use shower curtain rings to hang your clothes. Even the inside of your desk creates new storage opportunities. Add invisible shelving for hard drives and other tech tools that usually clutter up your workspace.

Using closet doors for minimal living

Consider Using Removals & Storage Experts

All of your decluttering will leave you with more trash than you might expect. That creates an entirely new problem. Items like tech trash, steel, and large containers will need specialist attention, so arranging the many appropriate removals can really eat up your time. Leave the heavy lifting to us. As Removal & Storage Experts, we’ll take care of the tough jobs so that you don’t have to. We’re packing experts who can even take care of large items. We make light work of pianos and removable closets. Too tired to pack? Then leave it to our packing service. We’ll declutter your schedule in a tick. Visit us for a free quote.

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