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When to Choose Professional Movers or Move Yourself?

Enlist your friends and family.

If I have learned anything over the years of moving around the country, moving can be an occasion for celebration or a real hassle — or both. Moving can be especially overwhelming when you are moving to beautiful Miami since it seems to be the only thing between you and the beach and that awesome nightlife. How can you know if moving by yourself is more trouble than it’s worth or if you should hire professional movers? I have discovered a few rules to live by when it comes to moving to cut down on stress and unnecessary expenses, and I’m sharing these moving tips with you.

Don’t be afraid to ask for help.

Depending on how far away you are moving, you may not need to hire movers if you have a good circle of friends and family members willing to help out. In order to make sure I am not mooching off of my buddies, I usually buy them pizza and beer as a ‘Thank You’ for helping me move, or we go downtown for some cocktails afterward.

Weigh your options.

Literally, weigh them. Do you have a lot of heavy furniture to move? Unless your friends and family members are body builders and enjoy the workout, it might be worth it to hire movers for these heavier items. In instances when I have had to move very far away, and depending on the size of my new home, I sometimes have decided to sell my larger furniture instead of moving it.

Shop around for moving deals.

Don’t just look at different movers — if you’re renting, check with your new landlords whether they are willing to compensate you for part or all of your moving expenses. I have run across this phenomenon in the past, and these deals are becoming more and more common. Landlords often try to attract the best tenants and will reward you for your good credit with these kinds of perks.

Check the ratings.

Choosing a professional mover can be daunting if you don’t know where to look. Don’t just pick a mover randomly out of the directories. Instead, take an additional five minutes to check rating and review websites for listings of local and national movers. You won’t regret doing the extra research when your belongings actually manage to make it to your new home intact.

Don’t forget to relax!

Make sure you give yourself plenty of time to get unpacked so that you can take some time out after you arrive at your new home. I always have an easier time unpacking after a great night out on the town.

My final recommendation for making your move easier is to check with your friends and family members to see whether they have any additional moving tips. Don’t underestimate the value of being well-prepared, especially when you are making a long-distance move!

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