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Room to Grow: How Decluttering your Home Elevates your Mood

Room to grow: how decluttering your home elevates your mood

Tired of coming home to the same cluttered house every night? From feng shui to Marie Kondo’s art of tidying up, decluttering your home is becoming more well-known thanks to its many benefits. From building up your bank to motivating your morning, read on to find out more about how decluttering can help you lead a happier life. 

Give yourself room to grow

Decluttering doesn’t mean you have to get rid of everything you have in your home; instead, the tidying up experts suggest you simply stop holding onto things you’ve bought for the sake of buying. This phenomenon can have a great impact on your general happiness. When your clutter gets out of hand, you can feel stressed, unable to concentrate and mentally exhausted. Learning to regularly cull the items you’re not getting any use out of lets you take stock, clearing away the physical mess, which in turn helps you cut down on the thoughts fighting for attention in your head. 

 Make maintenance more simple

Sometimes, the thought of giving your home a proper deep clean can just become a bit too much.  Your home should be a sanctuary of calm that you look forward to coming back to; if you’re living in a messy or unclean space, your day to day mood can be seriously affected. Decluttering rids you of all the extra cleaning chores that you put off for as long as possible. Spending less time on maintaining your home’s cleanliness not only frees up your time to do more things you love, it helps you enjoy the space you’re living in too. 

One way to clear out the extra items cluttering up your space is to place your belongings in secure storage. Whether it’s a piece of furniture that’s been passed down over the years, or clothes that have sentimental value attached to them, we all have belongings that we just can’t bear to get rid of. Storing your possessions in long term secure storage units means that you can enjoy a decluttered space, safe in the knowledge that the possessions that mean a lot to you aren’t too far from home. 

Room to grow: how decluttering your home elevates your mood

Propel your productivity 

Thanks to Marie Kondo, the mental health benefits of decluttering your home are becoming more and more well known; it’s argued that having piles of stuff residing in your rooms can actually lower your life satisfaction, and stop you from feeling productive. Are you one of the many workers choosing to renovate a home office, or working flexible hours from the comfort of your sofa? When you’re pushing forward through a big project, it can be easy to get distracted by documents that need shredding, or an unread title on your bookshelf. Having a clear out means you can get on with blitzing your to-do list, without the worry of distractions getting in your way. 

If you want to keep your office equipment safe and sound while you renovate your home office, placing your belongings in short term storage offers you the perfect opportunity to create your most productive environment, without the worry of damaging your belongings. 

Room to grow: how decluttering your home elevates your mood

Save up your pennies

You could consider giving directly to local charities, charity shops or perhaps selling them online as a way of clearing away your piles of extra possessions. This way, you can go further towards doing a good deed with your decluttering, effectively recycling the belongings you’re no longer getting a lot of use out of. 

Once you’re in the swing of having a cleaner, fresher space, you might also find that you’re buying fewer objects to fill up your home with too. As well as helping you to enjoy a cleaner, clutter-free space, this will also help your pennies begin to pile up, saving you the expense of constant shopping. 

Not quite ready to part with your possessions? With branches based all over London, we’ve got the secure storage units you need to keep your belongings safe, sound and out of the way of your everyday life. Get in touch with our friendly team to find out more about our super storage solutions.

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