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Moving Yourself in London: Pros And Cons

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How long does it take to move house? Find below useful tips on how to move in London.

Is moving yourself in London worth it?

Moving house is said to be one of the most traumatic experiences. Depending on how far away the new home is it might be necessary to say goodbye to old friends; this combined with the physical move itself can be very stressful. It will perhaps come as no surprise that many people find that settling into a new area can take a little time. Another huge factor of a relocating is the physical movement of your personal belongings. This task will vary in scale, depending of course on the size of the property that you are coming from.

When it comes to moving yourself in London, people are faced with a fairly simple choice. Either hire someone to do the move or start organizing their own DIY home removal.

This blog post will look at some of the pros and cons of moving yourself in London

Yourself Vs Packers & Movers. Is it Much Cheaper?

Perhaps the overriding factor that makes people decide to go it alone comes down to cost. Without having to pay a third party there are definitely savings that can be made. However, it should be noted that there will still be some elements to consider. The two most expensive tend to be:

  • Packaging materials

  • Hiring a Van

  • Fitting everything in one go

  • Being out before completion (usually 1pm)

If you are moving from a furnished property then the chances are the move can be completed with the aid of a car. So you can simply call a cab or get UBER. Most other circumstances will require the use of a van of some description. Unless you are lucky enough to own one or have a friend who does, you will be faced with some vehicle rental charges. In addition to this it should also be remembered that you will need to pack the items that you wish to take. Boxes and other packing materials will of course need to be purchased.

If you have a large amount of possessions that need moving it might be necessary to conduct a number of trips. Fuel expenditure might well become an issue, depending on how far away your new home is. Of course the advantage of using a dedicated service is that in most cases they will be able to provide a vehicle that can complete the task in one single journey.

Long Distance Movers Total Flexibility

Organising your own home removal can provide a great deal of flexibility. Often you will be able to take as long as you need to pack the items. Plus, when it comes to the actual move itself you can do it in staggered runs. This is ideal if it is difficult to take enough time off work to complete the whole move in one or two days.

One thing to bear in mind though is that when moving yourself it will probably take you much longer than a professional agent. The fact is that they know how to lift and carry items. Also, when it comes to getting some of the larger objects into a new home they always seem to have the knack. Many DIY home movers find this one of the most frustrating elements. Twisting and turning different furniture to try to get them through doors and hallways isn’t really that much fun, with damage to furniture and walls the likely outcome.

Removal Companies Safe Breakages

Something else that should be considered when undertaking a home move is that of breakages. Accidents do tend to happen quite easily when large amounts of items are being taken from one place to another. This tends to be the case more often when an individual tries a DIY home move.

In the event of utilising the services of a professional organisation you can rest assured that breakages are much less likely to happen. There is further good news in so much as the removal agent will normally have a degree of insurance to help cover repair or replacement costs.

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