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London Removal Experts – On the BBC

London Removal Experts provided removals in Enfield for the BBC1 DIY SOS Big Build program. Working along side the BBC team, traders and the Rivers family, the whole project went off without a glitch and we made some new great friends. Check us out on BBC 1.

Our Removals London team was called upon by BBC at the end of 2011 to assist in one of the most touching stories of the year.


DIY SOS: The Big Build’ is the BBC’s flagship DIY show which attracts around 6 million viewers in its prime time slot on BBC One, presented by Nick Knowles is an hour long programme in which BBC takes on really ambitious builds to help out truly deserving families.

DIY SOS was filming the forth episode of their 23rd series in Enfield where they were organising to help the Rivers family.

The family of five live in a two bedroom house which desperately needs adapting for dad Eric who’ is terminally ill with Motor Neurones disease.

Mum, Davina works a part time job to care for Eric and their three children, Summer, 13 Jodie, 11 and Layla, 5. At the moment Davina and Eric share with their youngest while Summer and Jodie share the other bedroom.

Eric has a deteriorating condition which damages the nervous system, leaving muscles wasted and weak. He urgently needed DIY SOS’s help to adapt the house and give the family more room. The plan was to re-configure the downstairs and build a dormer extension to provide an extra bedroom for one of the girls. They built Eric a lift and a wet room making his life a lot more comfortable.


Lucy Lane from BBC 1 called Martin, owner of London Removal Experts and asked him If he wanted to be part of the latest DIY SOS Big Build program.

She told him the story of the Rivers family, which was touching. I asked to consider the proposal for a day or so to see how we could organise it (working with DIY SOS is a decision to give complete support at no cost).

Martin lives in Enfield and the house DIY SOS were going to work on was very close to his daughter’s nursery.

He passed the Rivers family home every day and could not stop thinking about them and what this would mean for their son and their well-being so called Lucy back and told her his decision to give full support, whatever it takes.

Removal Experts were to provide an integral part of the whole build. Safely removing all of the family’s household items, provide protective packaging, storage and bring everything back when it was completed.

Removals – Day 1 (in Martin’s words)

We delivered all packing materials: boxes, wardrobe boxes, bubble wrap, wrapping paper, furniture covers, packing tape etc.

I meet Davina, Eric and the 3 daughters, Summer, Jodie, and Layla. I was there for over 1 hour and they offered me coffee while I was talking about sports with Eric. He was a cricket player and loved activities. As I have done martial arts for 20 years, we both had a very much, men-only conversation.

Removals – Day 2

We did a partial packing service, loading vans, using 4 of Removal London’s men and managed to fill 2 full Luton vans. We then took everything to our secure storage in north london.

Home Completion Day

The house was finish and the family was brought to their new home. BBC 1 was there recording everything. I was there with my team we were talking to the Rivers family and the neighbours. It was truly a joyful moment for everyone.

You can see the BBC episode clip here →

Removals – Day 3

After the family had been toured through their new home, we then went to our North London storage and reloaded everything into our Luton vans and brought it to the their newly upgraded home.

Removal Experts with the Rivers Family

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