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How to pack a mirror for moving?

How to pack a mirror for moving

A lot of our clients who are booking only a moving service with us ask us about how to pack a mirror for moving. So we’ve decided to to give you practical advise. In short, here’s how to this:

  1. Get yourself appropriate packing materials
  2. Prepare your working space
  3. Protect the corners
  4. Wrap the mirror
  5. Label “Fragile”
  6. Label “Front” of the mirror

We hope that below answers will help you either pack your mirrors properly or get a professional to do it for you.

The below is a detailed list:

  1. To pack any fragile mirror you’d need appropriate packing materials. Various sizes cardboard boxes, special mirror boxes, bubble blankets, bubble wrap, wool covers, special wooden crates. Depending on size, shape and value you will need to use different packing materials
  2. Small to medium mirrors or pictures that are not very valuable. You can use bubble wrap and put couple mirrors or pictures in one box making sure to clearly label the box: FRAGILE on top of the box.
  3. An odd shaped items you can use bubble wrap or bubble blanket to wrap the piece tightly and for extra security you can cut open cardboard boxes to make a custom shaped box
  4. Very large mirrors and/or pictures should have an extra layer of wool blanket on top of bubble wrap. For corners you can get a special foam corner covers or just add an extra layer of bubble wrap. You can also use custom sized cardboard box, but make sure to label where is the front of the mirror or picture.
  5. For valuable mirrors and pictures or for international moving you can use made to measure wooden crates which insides are covered in foam, but those crates can be quite expensive.

This should be enough for you to know how to pack a mirror for moving. Good luck!

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