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How to Pack a Picture

How to pack a picture

Packing Pictures

Want to know how to pack your pictures and paintings for removal in a professional way? Read on! We have all the tips and tricks you need to ensure your pictures and paintings get safely from your old home or office to your new one.

Things to consider about your picture or painting before packing:

  1. What size is it?
  2. What type of wall hanging is it (i.e. is it a framed picture with a glass, a painting, etc)?
  3. What is the value of the picture?

Packing materials (available here: link) and tools to collect before you start:

  1. A cardboard box/cardboard boxes
  2. Bubble wrap or a bubble blanket
  3. Packing tape
  4. Scissors or a knife
  5. A permanent marker

Now that you know what size and type of picture you are packing and have all the necessary materials you are ready to begin. Below you will find instructions for how to pack a small picture, how to pack a medium sized picture, and how to pack a large painting. We recommend that you start by gathering all your pictures or paintings to be packed at the same time and prepare a work space on a table or the floor.

How to Pack a Small Picture

  1. Ensure you have an appropriate size of bubble wrap laid out so you can wrap your small picture with two to three layers of bubble wrap on each side.
  2. Secure bubble wrap with a piece of tape.
  3. If you are wrapping pictures of the same size you can wrap them placing them front to front placing a piece of bubble wrap or cardboard between pictures.
  4. Place wrapped pictures inside a box.
  5. Label the box using your permanent marker so that both yourself and your removal experts know the contents of the box and what room you would like it to end up in at its destination.

How to Wrap a Medium-Sized Picture

  1. Wrap the picture with at least 3 layers of bubble wrap and 1-2 layers of blanket.
  2. Place the wrapped picture in a cardboard box for extra layer of security; OR
    a) Squeeze in your wrapped picture between walls of flat packed box, fold where needed and tape it up carefully; OR
    b) Cut open the flat cardboard box and use it to wrap around the picture. Ensure you tape around it thoroughly.
  3. Label where the front of the picture is, mark it as fragile, and prepare a safe space for you to place the wrapped picture in.

NB: Bubble wrap is usually most suitable for packing a medium sized picture for general moving. You may want to opt in for a bit more expensive bubble blanket for more valuable pictures or when you would like to put them in storage. You can pack a medium sized picture on you own.

How to Pack a Large Painting

  1. Place a large piece of bubble wrap or your woolen removal blanket in your safe workspace.
  2. Lay the painting out on the bubble wrap/blanket.
  3. As with smaller paintings/pictures, you will want a few layers of bubble wrap around the painting to secure it.
  4. Tape the bubble wrap to secure the safety of the painting. If you are using a blanket you can tape all the way around in a “+” shape to ensure that your painting remains properly wrapped.
  5. Label the painting, either along the tape or by affixing a piece of paper, as fragile and indicate where the front of the painting is.

NB: For wrapping a large painting you can use bubble wrap. When moving into storage or for particularly valuable painting you should consider bubble blanket or removal woolen blanket. For large paintings and pictures we recommend you to have extra pair of hands to assist with packing.

There you have it: easy ways to pack a picture or painting for removal! If you have any questions about your removal or would like a free quote for our services we are happy to help.

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