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What’s an Employee’s Role during an Office Removal?

office removals employeesOne of the main problems that arise during an office relocation is knowing what the role of the members of staff is. This can become a real hindrance if the company has a big staff.

What should they do during the removal?

Let’s see a few tips on the topic.

Before the Removal

In order to decrease the level of anxiety, the best choice is to keep them briefed. Let them know how things are going, either by email or in person, or any means your company uses for important things. Explain why the decision to relocate has been taken, as well as when and how the removal will take place. Let them know how the move would affect them individually, and tell them what differences they will find in the new premises. Handing out a floor plan of the new premises is the ideal way of making them familiar with their new environment before it even exists.

If the new office is in a different area, giving them information about it: transport links and/or parking spaces, shops, cafés, etc.

Move Office LondonEach member of staff should pack their own stuff. Provide them with crates and boxes as well as tape. Don’t forget to give them labels of different colours and plenty of markers. Agree what to write in the labels and what each label colour means; e.g. write room number or member of staff name; green for ground floor and red for first floor, etc.

Some of your employees may have little or no time to do their own packing or have more things than others to pack. Maybe some of their colleagues could lend them a hand?

Encourage them to take this nice chance to dispose of any items they no longer need. Getting rid of the superfluous items will save a lot of hard work during the removal.

Removal Day

office removalsIt is advisable that you or an employee of your choice keep track of all the crates and items during the day of the removal and act as the go-to person if something is lost or misplaced.

As there are bound to be errors in big removals, it’s a good idea to reserve an area or room of the new premises to drop off misplaced items for their rightful owners to claim. There should be another area for empty crates to prevent them from piling up in the rooms or corridors.

Your employees should not handle heavy items. You can, and should, hire professionals to do that for you. Finding a relocation company in your area shouldn’t be too difficult, e.g. office removals in London. Just make sure they’ve done office removals before.

And it’s done! Send them a thank you email for their hard work during the process!

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