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If you’re planning to move house…

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What to do when Moving House?

If you want to move house in the near future, take a piece of advice from us, and…

get rid of as many things as possible!

Moving house is a good time to do some house clearing. You would be surprised how much you can throw out and not even miss it. Here’s a good tip on clearing your wardrobe.

Make a habit of hanging the clothes you recently wore with the hanger facing out. Check every six months how much things are facing the other way, and either give them away or throw them out. That, of course, does not include seasonal clothing, because you might not have a chance to wear them for months.

You also have to realize that if you are moving with a removal company you are paying for each individual thing to be moved. Some take more time than others, and time in this instance is money. For example, if you have a large wardrobe that needs to be first disassembled, or moved carefully, but it is old and falling apart, and you might get about twenty pounds for it, then there is no point in moving it anywhere.

The same thing applies to paperwork, if you have any. It often adds up to the point when it is difficult to move it around, it fills boxes up, and just takes up space in the van. Either get rid of anything you don’t need, or upload your files to a PC earlier on if possible. Some mission critical data is better of on paper though. Keep it safe.

If you’d like to know more about how to prepare to move house, keep an eye on our blog for new articles or get in touch. 

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