Things to change when moving house and main mobile Apps for moving.

Moving to a new place can be exciting, invigorating… and extremely overwhelming. While you might be able to bribe friends into helping you at least load the truck, you probably can’t bribe them into packing your stuff or finding you a new place to live. Good thing there are apps for that. Yes, there are apps to help you find a new place, calculate your new mortgage, track your boxes and the stuff you’ve packed in them and anything else you might need to remember when moving from place to place.

Moving Planners

Always trying to find your shoes for work and a bowl to have some breakfast in but can’t remember which boxes they’re packed in? Moving Planner for Android users and Moving Van for Apple users allows people to pack their stuff in boxes, photograph the contents, assigns and tracks box numbers with belongings inside. With general household items already on the program, you can drag items into each “box” on screen, minimizing the amount of items you’ll have to add in manually. This app for Android and Apple users keeps you ultra-organized in the chaos of all the boxes. The Apple program actually can even keep a tally of the weight and measurements of the boxes so you know just how big of a van you’ll need and how much it’ll cost to move.

Property Locators

Looking for a new place in the UK? Try Canada? Go to Moving to America? Zillow is definitely the place to go. No matter the place you’re moving to, there is a downloadable app for your Apple or Android device that lets you search by price, location, bedrooms and pet policy. Looking for a new apartment or house might become the easiest part of the whole move!

To-Do / Moving Lists

While Android users can use Moving Planner to keep track of their to-dos before the the big day, Apple users can download the Moving Planner app to remember to do things like change their address, disconnect the power and make sure all the cleaning is done to receive their deposit back. This app allows you to categorize and organize things that need to be done by proximity to the move.

Mortgage Calculators

For Android users, download Karl’s Mortgage calculator. For Apple users, download the Mortgage Calculator. Seeing so many new properties in so short of a time can be confusing; making a decision on which home to purchase is a big enough decision without trying to calculate how your financials will fit in to your mortgage. With these mortgage calculators, they allow you to preload the necessary information and you can change the house and purchase amount to see how each property would look like as a mortgage. Make an informed decision while you can compare properties and values while shopping for a new home.

DocuSign Ink

This app allows you to protect your identity but still get things done as quickly as possible over your Apple or Android device. It allows you to sign all documents required for the sale of your house and the purchasing or renting of a new one on your Apple or Android device. You can sign the necessary documents electronically and eliminate the delay of faxing, emailing or scanning them once signed.

Though no matter how you do it, moving is no fun. But hopefully the next time you do have to move, these apps will make it a little less chaotic, stressful and time consuming.

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