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Moving home after divorce

Moving home after divorce

After divorce and bereavement, moving house is the number one cause of stress, but in many ways it does us some good – it forces us to reassess our lives and make a new start. To avoid too many boxes, we ruthlessly sift through the clutter in our house and make trips to local charity shops with our unwanted furniture.

With more people renting property than ever before, it seems likely that many of us will have to go through the process of moving home, time and time again. Make sure that your hair doesn’t turn grey with this guide on how to move house, the smooth way.

Tell Everyone You’re Moving

You may have already notified family and friends of your move, but your service providers must be notified too. This process is fairly boring, but necessary, and you can find checklists online for all the companies you should contact. The biggies are: your banks, employers, insurance companies, council tax, doctor, energy providers, and schools.

Get your internet, phone line, and utilities switched off. Once you’ve achieved that, arrange for them all to be set up at your new property. After the big move, you’ll want to take a nice, hot shower – so make sure you can!


First, begin with asking your family and friends for help. If one of your relatives has a van, bribe them with pizza and beer. It’ll be a lot more pleasant to move with the support of your loved ones.

However, if this is out of the question, start asking around for removal company recommendations. Request quotes from three removal businesses and check that this price covers VAT and insurance. The company you choose should be a member of either the British Association of Removers (BAR) or the National Guild of Removers and Storers (NGRS).

Declutter and Clean

One of the most frustrating, but satisfying, parts of moving house is going through your home, room by room, and getting rid of all the accumulating rubbish. This is also a money-making opportunity: any unwanted furniture can be sold on, as you’ll want to redecorate your new property. If you’ve got a conservatory to look forward to, start looking through online websites like 2furnish, for seating arrangements.

Work through one room at a time, as tackling the whole house at once is a complete nightmare (unless you have an army of helpers). Get good quality boxes in advance, as you don’t want your possessions spilling out on to the driveway.

If you have plenty of money, you really will benefit from hiring a professional cleaning service to go through your new house and give it the once-over it needs. Getting the carpets skilfully scrubbed is a must.

Do The New Inhabitants A Favour

Fact files are priceless, and you’ll wish the previous owner of your new home had left you one too (they probably won’t). Compile a booklet for the new inhabitants of your house, detailing how everything works (like when the rubbish goes out and how to turn off the burglar alarm). This’ll save you any confused phone calls from the new tenants and it’ll give the new guys some peace of mind.

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