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Location, location, location: 8 tips for moving home in London

Location, location, location: 8 tips for moving home in London

Thinking about upping sticks and moving home, but dreading the stress of a move in the city heat? There’s no doubt that moving home in the Big Smoke requires the most careful planning to make sure everything goes smoothly, but living in London has multiple benefits too. With the right measures in place, your move doesn’t have to be something you put off for as long as you can. So how can you make sure moving home is as stress-free and speedy as possible?

Before the big day…

1. Decluttering your drawers

Heard of the buzz surrounding the benefits of decluttering? Whether you’re familiar with the wonders of taking a leaf out of Marie Kondo’s book or not, moving home is the perfect time to clear out that cupboard you’ve been meaning to get around to doing. Not only will decluttering your home lighten your load when it comes to setting up in your new home, it’s been proven to boost your productivity and creativity, and even help you to sleep better. Clearing out your unused items with a refresh will mean you feel energised and ready for your moving home experience.

2. Prioritise your packing

While it’s a good idea to leave your fragile and valuable items to the experts, you might want to consider packing up the rooms or belongings you use less in the days leading up to you moving home. Whether you begin boxing up a shelf of books you don’t reach for every day, or sort through the bits and pieces you’ve stored in your loft over the years, packing in preparation will make sure moving home is much less of a chore.

Location, location, location: 8 tips for moving home in London

3. Keep your providers in the loop

Transferring your utilities across might be the element of moving home you look forward to the least, but it’s the most important for hitting the ground running as soon as you’re settled into your new home. In London, utilities require at least 48 hours notice to disconnect and reconnect to your new property, so letting your providers know you’re moving home is crucial for your comfort once moving day’s done with.

During your move…

4. Consider short term storage

Moving to the other side of London, or need a while to work out where all your belongings are going to fit in your new place? Securing your possessions in short term storage gives you breathing space while you’re moving home, giving you time to make your new space your own, without the hassle of navigating around mountains of moving boxes – and with our secure storage branches all over London, your belongings will never be too far from home.

5. Let the professionals pack for you

Whether your moving date has crept up on you, or your valuables and fragile items need a little more attention, professional packing can save you precious time when it comes to moving home. Not only will the most specialised removal and storage company like Removals and Storage Experts pay the utmost care to packing each and every one of your items, they’ll have the most specialised and appropriate packing materials at their disposal. Letting the experts take packing off your hands will ensure your peace of mind during your moving home process, making sure your belongings arrive at your new place safe and sound.

6. Preparing a survival box

If you’ve spent all day moving home, the last thing you want is to begin getting ready for bed and realise you’ve mislaid your toothbrush. Putting together a bag with everything you need for your first night and morning while you’re moving home will leave you free to enjoy your space, without searching through your boxes for the bits and pieces that’ll make you feel most comfortable.

Once you’re in for good…

7. Inventory Check

Once you’ve got the keys to your new home, it’s good practice to take on an inventory check to make sure everything you packed has arrived in one piece during your moving home process. If you’re renting, you could take some photos of your property too, to ensure your landlord knows if you’re making any changes to your building.

Location, location, location: 8 tips for moving home in London

8. Explore your new area

Last on the list when you’re moving home is taking the time to explore your new neighbourhood! One of the most exciting aspects of living in London is the vibrant atmosphere you’ll be part of. Whatever part of town you’re based in, moving home gives you the chance to explore some of the capital’s best bits – and with the perfect new home to use as a base, you’ll be free to roam your surrounding streets as soon as possible.  

Thinking of moving home in the big city? No matter where you’re moving to or from, or how many belongings you need taking care of, our team have the expertise you need to make sure your packing, removals and storage experience goes smoothly. Contact us to get a free quote for all your moving and storage needs.

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