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Top tips for moving internationally

Moving to Europe

As the world’s population is growing and travel becomes cheaper, people are increasingly moving abroad. Many find themselves moving for a job as their company might be setting up offices elsewhere, others feel a fresh start in a new culture might be just what they need to motivate themselves.


The first thing to do is plan. Start planning your move as soon as you can, and plan backwards. This means that once you have picked your moving date you look at what needs to be done on that day, the day before, then a week before and so on until you come to today’s date. Plot these tasks into a calendar so that it is easy to be reminded of what you will need to do every day. This means that you will not be caught out by the moving day arriving too quickly. Many find it useful to print these plans out and hang them up somewhere in the house as a reminder of what needs to be done. This will also allow you to book tickets for travel or arrange visas if necessary, as these things can take a while to arrive.

The new accommodation

If you know what accommodation you are moving into, you might want to take a look at whether it is smaller or larger than your current space. If smaller, you will want to only take furniture that will fit in your new home. Another consideration is prices of furniture and other household items in the country you are moving to. If it is cheaper to replace a piece of furniture or item, and it has no sentimental value to you, you might be better off selling it or donating the item to a charity shop than taking it with you. There are many charity shops that even offer to come and pick up your unwanted furniture and take it with them to their shops.


There will always be things that you do not know whether to keep or not. If you find it hard to let things go but you are not sure if it will fit in the moving van or your suitcase, create a ‘maybe’ pile. It is always more difficult to get rid of things in the beginning of your packing than towards the end. Be realistic about how much space you have when moving and pack accordingly. It can be difficult when moving internationally and many feel they cannot bring anything at all due to space restrictions. The ‘maybe’ pile of items will be much easier to send off to a charity shop or sell when your moving date is looming and you are excited about a fresh start.

What about documents?

My final tip would be to have all documents easily available that you will need on moving day. Create a folder containing passports, visas, tickets for airplanes/trains/buses/ferries, house keys, new house keys, receipts for any expensive items that you are bringing with you etc. You do not want to spend hours at boarder control because you packed your papers in a suitcase that you have already checked in. To ensure a smooth moving day have it all at hand and you will be in your new home country in no time.

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