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Moving house or moving furniture can be a stressful and hectic time. For a lot of people, moving house also means physical pain in the form of back injuries and muscle pains. Back pain is one of the most common complaints at the doctor’s surgery in Great Britain. Left untreated, it can cause a lot of disability and discomfort. As professional movers, we are experienced at moving large items everyday and we can do this because we do it the right way to avoid injury. In this post we want to share with you some tips on avoiding injuries when packing up your things before moving.

Bending and Lifting

By far the most common injury occurs as a result of picking something up while bending your back without bending your knees. It forces the back muscles to work extra hard and they become injured as a result of overwork. The correct way to pick a box or object up is to bend your knees and keep your back straight. Then slowly lift the object and straighten your knees again. In this way, you make use of your strong leg muscles to do the hard work. Avoid twisting when lifting a box and also holding it away from your body.

Two Pairs of Hands Are Better Than One

The old saying, “many hands make light work” is never truer than when it comes to packing up and moving a lot of heavy boxes. For heavier loads, it is better to divide the weight between two or more people. It will make it much easier on your body and makes the whole process quicker too.

Pack Items Carefully

Make sure that all your boxes and items are packed securely so that they don’t burst open when you’re carrying them. Dropping items on your feet is a very common occurrence and can be avoided by making sure your boxes are secured with strong tape. Don’t overfill boxes. For larger items such as tables and chairs, bubble wrap is a good idea for sharp corners and edges.

Feeling Sick?

If you’re not feeling the best on the day of moving, have a niggling injury or are just unwell, then it’s not a great idea to involve yourself with the moving process. Wait until you’re feeling well and physically up for the task so that you don’t aggravate any condition.

Take Breaks

Even though it’s one of those things you want to get over with quickly, it’s best to take frequent breaks and not rush yourself. Rushing yourself can cause you to get tired more quickly which could lead to some mistakes or accidents.

Leave it to the Experts

Of course, the best solution is to just let the professionals do it and put your feet up! Moving companies have tons of experience moving things stress free so you don’t have to.

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