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From Office Furniture to Lighting: Making your Workspace Feel like Home

From office furniture to lighting: making your workspace feel like home

Planning office furniture for your business’s move to a new building? While moving office without the right support can be a stressful experience, paying attention to the kind of office environment you’re creating can work wonders for your team’s productivity and happiness in the long run. So how can your office furniture help to make sure your workplace is a relaxing and inviting space?

Why is a relaxing workplace environment so important?

As the working world changes, keeping your office environment a productive space to work in can dramatically improve you and your team’s working day. When your team spends a lot of time at their desks, a welcoming, friendly space can make a real difference. Enhancing your workplace with well considered office furniture has been proven to have a real impact on improving staff retention, motivating your team and helping your company culture to go further. From your office furniture to the colour of your building’s walls, creating an inviting environment can be easily achieved without blowing your budget during your move.

How can you refresh your workspace with office furniture?

Effective office furniture can mean a lot more than tables, desktop computers and office chairs. There’s a whole host of things you can do to make sure your optimal workplace conditions will keep your team motivated and ready to work.

From office furniture to lighting: making your workspace feel like home

Warm lighting

We all know how headache-inducing it can be to work under harsh strip lights, especially in office jobs where, more likely than not, you’ll be staring at your computer screen all day. Incorporating warm lighting into your office furniture plan will be a lot easier on your team’s eyes. Lamps, warm lighting, and where possible, natural light are all great ways of making your space more welcoming and inviting for any guests you have coming to the building too.

Inviting colours

When you move your operations to a new space, an easy way to brighten up your office furniture is through an accent colour on your walls, your artwork or even your desk chairs. As well as taking your branding up a gear by using your company colours throughout your space, bringing colours into your space has been proven to have an effect on your mood. Whether it’s warm tones to bring some sunshine into your office on a grey day, or a calming green to help your team feel more balanced, mixing up your office furniture colour scheme can be a simple and cost effective way to change up your company style.

From office furniture to lighting: making your workspace feel like home

Comfortable chairs

Keeping your team comfortable is vital, not just for their productivity levels, but their happiness too. Enhancing office furniture in every part of your office, from your desks to your reception area, your meeting rooms to your break out space is a great way of keeping your team and your guests comfortable, no matter what part of the building they’re working in. We know how tricky it is to get your office furniture packed up, transported and reassembled in your new place without breaking a sweat – that’s why trusting your move to a dedicated service provider is a great way of ensuring your move goes entirely to plan. Leaving the ins and outs of your move to the experts allows you to focus on planning your new office furniture and structure for the most productive workplace possible.

A relaxing space

Driven to distraction by files and folders piling up, or cramped into a cluttered office? One of the quickest ways to refresh your office furniture and your wider office environment is to have a simple tidy up. Whether it’s 10 minutes at the end of the day straightening up your space, a regular team spring clean or storing your non-essential office furniture in secure storage units, decluttering your workplace will have a positive effect on your team’s productivity levels. Monitored 24/7 by CCTV, our secure storage units are handily located all over London, so wherever your new office buildings are based, you’ll have the peace of mind that your office furniture and equipment is nearby and in the safest of hands.

If you’re looking for a short term storage solution while you mix up your office furniture, or you’re taking on a move to a new space altogether, we’ve got you covered when it comes to refreshing your workspace with as little hassle as possible. Give us a call to find out more about how our expert removals and storage solutions can help you get your new office furniture unpacked, up and running, and ready for what the future holds.

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