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Making sure your office refurbishment goes without a hitch

Making sure your office refurbishment goes without a hitch

Found yourself speedily taking on an office refurbishment thanks to a quickly growing business? When it comes to your office, we all know how much a spacious, relaxing space makes for a better working day, so making your office refurbishment a priority for your whole team is a great way to help your business move forward. From planning your priorities for your renovation to making sure your office change up goes smoothly, we’ve got the tips you need to make sure your office refurbishment goes without a hitch.

Planning your Office Refurbishment: What Should you Consider?

Moving towards a user-friendly workplace

Is yours one of the many offices adopting an open plan workspace? Whether you’re based in London or further afield, making sure your office is designed for everyone in your team will help make your office refurbishment a success. When planning your office refurbishment, taking into account the kind of working environment your team are most productive within will mean that no matter how quickly your business grows, they’ll be working in a space they can thrive in.

Making your space work for your business

A huge part of making sure your office refurbishment is a success is ensuring it works for you and your brand. Perhaps your current space isn’t used as effectively as it could be for team meetings and collaborative working, you’ve got too much office furniture cluttering up your workplace or you feel your working environment simply needs a bit of a refresh as your team grows. Streamlining your office refurbishment to fit your brand ideals, company culture and team mindset will help to make your new workspace feel fresh, modern and spacious, fitting your business’s operations like a glove.

Making sure your office refurbishment goes without a hitch

The Big Day: Making your Office Refurbishment Run as Smoothly as Possible

Keeping your equipment safe and sound

One of the most effective ways you can manage your move as your office refurbishment takes place is to place your belongings in short term storage, accessed easily and efficiently by appointment only. Rather than tripping over desk chairs or navigating round phone cables, keeping your office equipment safe and sound in a secure storage unit while your office refurbishment is taking place means you can get your brand new workplace up and running in no time.

If you’re concerned about the security of your organisation’s papers during your office refurbishment, you might want to consider archiving your business documents and related paperwork, too. As well as being a legal requirement, securing your private documents in watertight archive boxes with 24 hour security monitoring will give you the peace of your mind that your documents are safe from prying eyes during your office refurbishment. Trusting your office belongings with a skilled team will take the worry of legal non-compliance out of the way, leaving you to focus on making your office refurbishment a success for many more years to come.

Making sure your office refurbishment goes without a hitch

Getting your IT systems up and running

If you’re dreading the day of your office refurbishment thanks to the huge amount of cables and wires your team uses, consider a professional team who are qualified to dismantle your IT equipment efficiently. We all know how important laptops, computers and printers are to the daily grind, so handing over the reins to a team who are trained in dismantling your devices will leave you without the worry of a drop in your productivity. Minimizing your downtime in this way will also make sure your team is on board with your office refurbishment, saving them the disruption of their IT equipment getting damaged or lost while the change is underway.

While you’re undergoing the office refurbishment process, you could also think about taking the opportunity to shake up your software and IT equipment too; the quickly changing technological landscape means there’s more than likely to be a newer option that will better suit your growing business’s needs.

Thinking Ahead: Planning for Further Expansion

Finally, one of the best ways you can plan for the future of your office refurbishment is to look at the bigger picture and think ahead to your team’s future needs. Whether your team’s looking to undergo rapid expansion, you’re planning a furniture makeover or even if you’re expecting to change up your IT equipment, making sure you have the most trustworthy experience by your side throughout your office refurbishment will make sure your change up makes the best and biggest impact possible.

Thinking of taking on your own office refurbishment, but unsure where to begin? Whether you’re looking for the most secure storage while your renovation takes place, or you want a friendly face to see you through the move, our dedicated team are on hand to make sure your refurbishment goes as smoothly as possible. Take a look at our commercial removals pages to see how our expert team will ensure even the most unexpected changes go to plan.

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