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Office Removals – What to Consider Before You Move Office

office removals require exact steps to have a painless and productive office relocation. In London this is important when hiring an office removals company.

Office relocation

If you are moving office to another part of the city or just to another floor the thought may be as daunting as quitting smoking or going vegan for a month.

Office removals can be the most stressful and disruptive activities to your staff and your business. You have loss of work time and confusion which can occur when everything is relocated. Many executives even choose to go on a short holiday while it takes place so their head does not spin during the office removal service.

This is probably a good idea. Go do something else while the office movers do their job. A professional office relocation company will know their business and done this many times before.

But the questions is, if this is not being done during a bank holiday, staff vacations or other “off period” then how do you stay productive while your office move is taking place?

Here are some things we have learned from providing hundreds of office removals in London to other locations in the city or to a new city entirely.

1. You cannot plan your office move enough

Make sure you know the location you are moving to inside-out. Knowing where all the cubicles, desks and IT equipment are going to go is something you should know well before you move office. Keep in mind that you will need plugs which are reachable, ethernet connection, wireless or your local-area connection easily accessible. Most businesses can keep going if they have all of their IT, phones and internet setup. This should be your first priority before your office removal service begins.


  • Make sure your new phone line is setup at least a week before and test it.
  • Ensure your IT guys have your internet and intranet system setup before the move (you want plug & play)
  • Know your new office layout (draw it, get it blue-printed etc)

2. Consider a long weekend office removal

Most offices can be relocated to anywhere in a few days. Be sure to include the man-power of the removal company into your office removals budget. The more men, the more lorries and vans you will get = faster moving time. So perhaps you close shop early Friday afternoon and run the office move over the weekend. Even if it runs into Monday, within this time you can have all of the items in point #1 done and working.

3. Expect the unexpected

Anything done in a great quantity, which entails dealing with equipment, furniture and people is sure to have a camouflaged hole somewhere. Meaning, you should expect something to go awry in an area which was not thought about before-hand. Office removals London can be quite chaotic so consider the small and large, for example, what if you were doing a late-nighter just after your office move and had that usual place you would get coffee or a Redbull. Now that is tormenting… Or, let’s say you remember everything and have all your computers setup and in place, but the photocopy machine has not been setup or reset when it was unplugged. Anything can happen, even the power going out 3 days after you move into your new office. So try consider the silly details as well as the important ones.

London Office Removals4. Use the office move as an excuse to upgrade or do a little clearance

So you are moving into new, swanky quarters but you still have those old IBM monitors. What will your clients think of you?? 😉 Moving office is a great excuse to get new equipment, software or furniture – and it compliments the move. You can also do a little office clearance and get rid of that old furniture you have always held onto. The bright side of moving office is the new opportunity, image and networking available with the move. So why not upgrade your image a little?

5. Notify your clients

Moving office can create unpredictable effects on your client relationship, communication and networking. Consider the move a company event and notify everyone under the sun moon and stars of your move. What if you forget to tell a supplier you were moving 3 miles across London? No more paper and pens for 2 weeks. So try notify everyone with a company newsletter to your existing database, get your sales guys and secretary to mention it at the end of every call and be sure to tell your accounts department to tell anyone who still likes to send cheques by mail. (does that still happen?)


London Removal Experts provide office removals London for all businesses moving across the city or to cities and towns across the UK. We do our jobs well so you don’t have to worry, but make sure you take the time to go through the above points and create an office removal checklist, considering every step.

Then we can have a painless and productive move.

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