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Office Removals Case Study – See How We Work

To give you an idea of how we go about a large office removal service in London, we have put together this case study of a removal service we provided to a London film production company. The move included electrical assistance and moving expensive and heavy IT and computer equipment and furniture.

Client name – Phenoma Film Ltd

Client Request – “We are moving from Newman Street, London W1T 1QA – We can park on the single yellow line as we have permit for the front main entrance. The move location is Henrietta street WC2E 8PS into a new office (Covent Gardens main square) and there is no parking. We are arranging with the local authority to park on double yellow line for drop offs.”

Manpower required:
8 men 2 & Luton vans.
1 Electrician (1hour) to disconnect power and handle wiring.

Day 1

We started the service on a Friday (recommended for office moves, see our post on office removal advice)

Packing services:

  • All files, documents, in to plastic crates
  • Dismantle all desk and large furniture.
  • Disconnect all electric equipment and load in to special IT crates
  • Each items have to be checked and ticked on list.

Removal service:

  • 22 units of furniture and equipment moved, 90-150kg each
  • 2 recording machines, 300-350kg each
  • The move from a basement office and everything was brought up into the the vans
  • The vans were then put in our secure lot as it was too late to move the units to the new address

Total time put in for the day: 12 hours

Day 2

Saturday – Starting at 7am with 8 men & 2 vans plus 1 electrician to complete IT moves.

Office Removals Company

We unloading very heavy equipment & units( 90-150 kg each) into the new 1st floor office. As the new office was newly renovated we took extra care to not scratch the walls or damage the wood floor.

This was out first trip to new office. Due to the necessity to get the office removal done over the weekend we worked till 11.30pm.

Day 3

Sunday – Start at 10am with 6 men and 1 Luton van.

This was the office removal deadline date and we continued to move the last minor items from the old address, installing all units and equipment and furniture as per requested. Finally we cleaned the new office and then moved specific furniture items to our 24 hour London storage.

By 6pm we were done. The office was ready for their occupants to “plug n’ play” all of their IT and computer equipment. We returned the extra keys to the Manager.

London Removal Experts provide a professional office removal service for companies of any size or profession. Request a quote today and let’s discuss your office move.

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