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IT & Telecoms During Office Removals in London

The most daunting part of an office removal without any doubt is IT.

The communication infrastructure is an essential ingredient in the success of your business, and you want to have a 100% smooth transition from the old office to the new one. You simply are not able to operate if you cannot rely on phone lines and the internet. That is why getting this particular aspect of your upcoming office move wrong can be very dangerous for your business. Sometimes people ask: “When should I start planning?” Answer: “The sooner, the better”.

Here for you a little resource to make sure you do not make any mistake with IT and Telecoms. You need to take into account several factors and this checklist will help you understand the big picture of the move from that point of view.

The planning phase

Who’s in charge? Especially when dealing with a big company, it is great to have an internal manager (he/she should probably be an IT person) as a coordinator. If your company needs it, you should also meet and get quotes (at least two or three) from IT & Telecoms professionals who can do some consulting. Then, arrange a visit with the appointed consultant in order to show him/her your situation and explain your needs.

What to do to prepare

All the equipment and each service agreement should be inventoried. Do you really need everything in the new office? Determine the specific requirements: return leased equipment no longer needed and get rid of any old/broken piece. A very important thing to do is checking with service providers well in advance what services can be provided in the new office. Be aware that some of them may require a 12 month notice period. What about Internet connection speed? This factor can be crucial. Time for installation of ISDN goes up to 90 days. Is there something needed? Are there enough personal computers and phones? Then list any equipment that needs to be bought or replaced.

The new office needs…

A common mistake is assuming the new office already has all the IT – Telecoms equipment you will need. That is why you should arrange a preliminary visit with your consultant and determine whether there is the right amount of:

  • cables
  • power outlets
  • ISDN lines
  • phone lines
  • analogue lines

Almost done

A few more things to consider. Do you have the permission to make alterations and drill through walls, run cables etc? Are the electrical, security, cooling requirements for the server room met? Does the new office support structured cabling? Where will you need computer points and power outlets? You should also find an optimum location for modems, copiers, printers and scanners. Also, it is important to make backup copies of all your company data systems.

The day has come

Create a contact list of all the people involved in the move, it will be very helpful and it will avoid disruptions. Make sure that during the move day the equipment is labeled in the right way. Computers, for example, should carry an ID number to be located in the right spot of the new office. It is very important to realise that this kind of equipment needs special handling and transit protection. An office removal expert could be incredibly helpful here and conduct this specific part of the move on your behalf.

Let’s test

Well, it’s not over yet! Here is a final list of things to test:

  • Make sure that all cabling and IT-Telecoms equipment are in the right place
  • Check that all data has been migrated safely
  • Make sure your server relocation has not created problems
  • Make sure your staff is happy with the new IT department

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