Relocating your Business: the Need for Office Removals

Office Relocations

Many businesses relocate every year, often moving from a small office to a bigger one. According to an article on Entrepreneur, there are several reasons for this:

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  • labor and work force issues
  • desire to reach new markets
  • need to upgrade facilities or equipment
  • desire to lower costs
  • desire to increase profits
  • quality of life


This can apply both to international moves and local moves, since each business simply tries to find the best conditions to operate, and sometimes moving (to Ireland, Poland, or even to another London town) can be the essential ingredient to reach certain goals.

Is it good or bad?

An office move is like a personal move: this can happen because you are more successful or less successful. You may move back with your parents for a while, or get a better apartment for yourself. In business, an office relocation may happen because your company experienced a boost (new clients, need for more employees and more space) or because of the need to cut costs, a defensive tactic.

What is the best strategy? Make a bet or play it safe? That is a complex issue that even business professors would find difficult to answer.

Office Move Tips

If you are in charge of your office move, you may have already realised how many things need to be taken care of. It is not easy to generalize, but let’s see some very basic tips for a successful office relocation:

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  • Plan ahead (at least 3 months in advance)
  • Involve employees
  • Set a general schedule
  • Keep the contacts of all the professionals involved
  • Pay special attention to IT & Telecoms


Office Removals in London

Why are there so many office relocations in London? The only possible reason for that is that businesses here change quickly. In this frantic, eclectic city companies do not have time to stall: they either grow or perish fast, and offices are being rented, bought or left very often as a consequence of that.

Our mission here at Removal Experts is to make every office removal successful and help entrepreneurs start over without disruption.


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