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Keeping your Valuables in Safe Hands: The 5 Best Packing Materials

Found yourself in a moving day meltdown thanks to a lack of quality packing materials? Unsuitable packing materials, damages or even missing items can create chaos for even the smallest moves; that’s why our trusty team are always on hand with the knowledge, experience and materials you need to make sure your move goes without a single bump in the road. From bubble wrap to sealing tape, cell kits to portable wardrobes, read on for our guide to the most effective packing materials for your move.

The Failsafe – Packing Boxes

Let’s start with the basics; when it comes to packing materials, strong, sturdy boxes are crucial for your move. Moving boxes come in all shapes and sizes, meaning that no matter how bulky or cumbersome your items, there’ll be the perfect packing materials out there for you. Corrugated cardboard is perfect for protecting your possessions before, during and
after your move. Sturdy packing materials like corrugated cardboard boxes are useful for your move itself, too. Whether you’re transporting your belongings yourself, or trusting a dedicated removals and storage provider to help you get the job done smoothly, strong cardboard boxes make loading your van safely and compactly a whole lot easier.

The Fragile Items – Packing Paper and Bubble Wrap

If you’re dreading your home move thanks to worries your valuables won’t be protected, delicate paper is the perfect packing materials solution for you. Using either white paper or bubble wrap, your expert removals providers will assess each and every one of your items to make sure they’re being packed and wrapped as safely as possible. Packing materials like paper and bubble wrap will ensure even the most fragile of your belongings arrive in your new home in perfect condition. These types of packing materials can come in very handy for your office or commercial move, too. We know how much you rely on your IT equipment to contact your customers and stay productive from day to day. Securing your cables, monitors, screens and software within packing paper and bubble wrap will make sure you can get your workplace up and running in your new surroundings as soon as possible, without the worry of damage to your

The Wardrobe Organiser – Portable Wardrobes

Complete with a sturdy metal clothes rail, portable wardrobes are the perfect solution to transporting your garments to your new home. Rather than spending time before your move packing and folding all of your clothes, only to have to unpack and sort them on the other side of your big moving day, packing materials like portable wardrobes let you transport your garments wrinkle and worry-free. Simply sorting your wardrobe into the clothes you reach for every day, and those that are for special occasions means prioritising unpacking in the days after your move is a much less daunting task.

Keeping your valuables in safe hands: The 5 best packing materials

The Kitchen-Ready Boxes – Cell Kits

Whether you’re moving to a new property, rented accommodation, office building or even school, having easy access to your kitchen bits and bobs is one of the first things that’ll help you feel more settled in your new place. Packing materials like cell kits have individual divisions or segments for each of your glasses and mugs, making sure each of your kitchen essentials reach their new home safe and sound, and keeping your more fragile items
protected from any damage. As well as this, these types of packing materials are perfect for stacking up during your move, and disassembling once the big day’s done with, making the first brew in your new home easily achievable.

Keeping your Valuables in Safe Hands: The 5 Best Packing Materials

The Finishing Touch – Labels

Last but definitely not least, labels are the finishing touch to your packing materials solution. When you’re surrounded by boxes, moving home or office can seem like quite a daunting thing. Clear labels will help you prioritise your unpacking, so you can enjoy your new place without dreading the sorting that lies ahead. Think about the first thing you’ll want to do when you’ve got your moving day out the way. No matter if it’s your kitchen crockery you need to whip up the first meal in your new house, or your flat-packed furniture to begin getting your office life back to normality, labelling your packing materials will make sure you’ve got the items you need easily to hand.

Need a hand packing up and storing your belongings before your big move? With dedicated knowledge on everything from packing materials to parking spaces, our friendly team will be there to assist you with every step of your moving experience., making for the most stress-free move. Give us a call to find out how we can help you settle in to your new place as soon as possible.

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