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Planning a local move with less stress

planning a local move

There’s a misconception for people looking at home removal services in London that relocating locally will be easy, however contrary to what most people believe, a local move can be a huge event, even if you are moving just a few houses down. There’s a multitude of details to consider such as turning off your utilities as your old address and having it set up at the new address, packing, coordinating with the realtors and movers, letting your post office know of your new address, updating your credit card information, etc.

Below are some tips to help with effective and realistic approach to planning your move with less stress.

Have A Plan

Make a plan for your door to door move by figuring out costs involved with hiring a home removal company in London, when to stop/start utilities, what you’re job/school/personal commitments are leading up to your move and other information. By getting down the basics, the other details will soon start to fall into place, which will allow you to make a much less stressful move.

Sort, Toss, Pack

After you devise a basic plan, you’ll want to start packing. Think about your current living space and compare it to the new one. Will it be able to hold the same amount of furniture and personal items? Will your current furniture fit well with the color scheme of the new place? By mapping out how your new place compares to your old one, you’ll be able to better determine what you should be packing, what should be thrown away and what can be given away to your local charity.

Get Rid Of Unwanted Items!

This is probably the hardest part of a move. It can be difficult to part with items that you’ve collected along the way. You may even start finding yourself spending time in memory lane which can be distracting and time consuming. Remind yourself that by having fewer unwanted or unnecessary possessions will allow for less stress when packing and then unpacking in your new place.

Keep Like Items Together

Once you’ve sorted your possessions and figured out what you want to take with you on your new move, make sure to keep all like items together. For example, all your pots, kitchen utensils, wine glasses, etc. would be items that you want to keep together. Once you’ve gotten your like items together, be sure that when you box them, to properly label and make sure to use good descriptions. This will allow you to have a lot less stress as you unpack; you’ll be able to make greater progress when unpacking in your new place as you don’t have to search for your items.

Take An Extra Day

Use the day prior to the move to finalize all last minute details, such as where to move the furniture and boxes into your new home. This will help make the moving process faster and cheaper.

Moving into a new home is an exciting time in a person’s life. With proper planning and organization, you can make your home moving experience less stressful and more cost effective!

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