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Removal Company vs Man and Van – A look at costs and service quality

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Today walls and phone booths, newsagents and small shops are littered with stickers, fliers and ads for “man and van”. We decided to do a little comparison of services between a removal company and a man and van. The question really are; what are the capabilities, trust issues, security of possessions and other factors.

Man & Van Cost

A man and van will usually appeal because of the cost. generally they are anywhere from £10-£30 an hour cheaper than a removal company, but with this lowered cost we are now entering into the age-old problem of service quality and ethics. Mark, the owner of Removal Experts stated, “The parting of a few pounds more can save you from a slew of potential mishaps, damage and loss of property. The cost of a man and van is appealing, but you are usually dealing with one man, without a business address, references etc.”

This is not to say that all man and van “companies” are the same or low ethic operations, however it does raise the likeliness of potential pitfalls.

Removal Company Costs

Mark also said, “The use of a professional, recommended removal company with ensure security of all items and guarantee efficient service”. Another factor to consider is speed of service. Most companies can offer a “package price”, set without variables. But this can also be misleading as a removal company can have “extras” included in the pricing terms. You may not think it, but your glass kitchen table, delicate collection of porcelain dish ware and other items can suddenly raise costs without you knowing.

See our pay as you go Removal costs quote page.

The solution

The simplest option here is not to to look for one or the other (removal company vs man and van), but rather find a company like Removal Experts who can provide both services, large or small removals, at a set rate and all in a professional manner.

If you have a large move and valuable possessions then you should always use a professional remover. Expert Removals London provides a cost effective removal service for small or large home removals, office removals and man and van-like service.

Expert Removal Company London

The search for a professional removal company London ends with us. Not only can we offer professional london removals, but as a removal company we have gone the extra mile to provide you with everything you need from packing to the colour-coded labeling of your boxes.

Choose us as your removal company and you will not be disappointed.

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