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Removal reviews london – 5 rules to find your perfect removals company

Finding a good removals company is more important than you think:

Removals & Storage Experts TestimonialsMoving house. It’s officially the 3rd most stressful experience us humans are likely to encounter. Within these parameters though is a wide spectrum – ranging from incredibly stressful DIY job, with a rented van and a few friends at one end, and the totally care free experience of getting a professional removals company to handle the whole thing for you.

But why is it stressful?

You may convince yourself that renting a van is the way to go, but here is where the best laid plans can go pear shaped. When moving house you have deadlines to work to – absolute times where you have to be out of your old house and into your new house. Add to this the emotional stress of change – leaving something behind and moving to something new – and very often you have conditions for the perfect storm. (In the following section: using removal reviews london to find your perfect removals company)

The answer – get the professionals in!

A professional moving company can take the stress out of your move.they do all the heavy lifting, the careful packing and the long driving leaving you to deal with the more important things – saying goodbye to your old house and creating a life in your new home.

But wait…not all professional removals companies are equal

removal reviewsWe’ve all heard the horror stories of moves gone wrong. Of moving companies over booking and of firms disappearing. So the question is how do you avoid these problems? Answer: You find a reputable company who can guarantee you a hassle free move, who come recommended, and who have a history of successful moves under their belt. The rise of online reviews has made this process easier, and nowadays it’s not hard to find out what customers really think about the companies they employed to move their houses. (You can see our removal reviews london section for some detailed reviews London Removal Experts)

Removal reviews London checklist:

When search for reviews online be sure to follow our checklist:

  1. Find a company who clearly state address / phone number and have been in business for a while.
  2. Check online reviews, and try to contact some of the reviewers to verify the quality.
  3. Take note of how the company representative makes you feel. Are they precise? Do they call back when they say they will? Do they make you feel at ease and handle you in a professional manner? All these characteristics are very important during the move itself, so expect them before too.
  4. Are they thorough when quoting for the job?
  5. Do they have several teams of people? Larger companies are more reliable than a single or double act.
For example, if you are looking for a company to help you move house in London, search for removal reviews london for optimal results.

In the end

Getting a professional to help will be more expensive than going it alone. However this expense will pay for itself many times over when you consider the stress and problems associated with the DIY method. By reading removal reviews london, you can build up an idea

We offer an expert house moving service to customers all over London – read what our happy customers say about us in our removal reviews london section.

There are also other removal reviews london sections around the web – you can find us on the Yellow Pages website.

Further removal reviews london resources:

You can also find many reviews on Touch local and other such sites. It’s a good idea to build up an idea from several diverse resources.

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