Enjoying your Move: The Ultimate Checklist

Enjoying your move: the ultimate removals and storage London checklist

Overwhelmed by the number of jobs you’ve got to get done before your removals and storage London journey can begin? Here at Removals and Storage Experts, we know how stressful your moving day can be – that’s why we’ve put together a checklist of everything you need to make sure your move goes ahead without any bumps in the road. Read on for our round-up of the removals and storage London necessities you’ll need. 

1. Choosing a removals and storage London team

Enlisting the help of a quality removals and storage London team will ensure your moving day itself goes as smoothly as possible, saving you the stress of having to navigate any unexpected issues. Assisting you with everything from packing to end of tenancy cleaning, an expert removals and storage London team will take the ins and outs of your move out of your hands, leaving you to enjoy your day. 

2. Getting to grips with your calendar

Enjoying your move: the ultimate removals and storage London checklist

Organisation is key when it comes to keeping your move running smoothly. In the weeks leading up to your move, factoring in key dates like the day of your move, booking time off work either side of the big day to give you time to settle in, and checking out removals and storage London teams that will be available on the day to help you get your move done and dusted, will help you feel more organised, soothing your worries and making sure every element of your move falls into place.  

3. Thinking about packing materials

If you’re taking any fragile or unusually shaped items along with you for the ride, it’s important to think about the types of packing materials you’ll need to keep your items safe and sound while they’re on the move. An expert removals and storage London team will be able to offer you the most sound advice when it comes to packing up your belongings, making sure your possessions arrive in perfect condition. 

4. Decluttering your space 

One of the most simple ways to stop your removals and storage London journey from overwhelming you is to think about decluttering your home. You might be surprised at the forgotten belongings that have been collected in your home over the years. By easing the amount of stuff you’ve got to shift on your moving day, you can ensure your day goes entirely to plan – and you might find some hidden treasures you’d forgotten about, too. 

5.Planning for every eventuality 

When you’re undergoing a house move as part of your removals and storage London journey, it can be easy to forget about the little things that keep your everyday life ticking over easily. However, tasks like clearing out your freezer, changing your utilities providers, taking meter readings and keeping your contacts informed about your move are all simple measures you can take to put your mind at ease once the dust has settled after your move. Making a note to remember the intricacies of your move in this way is a sure-fire way of helping your new house become a home. 

6. Determining your interior design

Once you and your moving boxes are in your new place, one of the last things you want to be doing is working out where your furniture should be fitting. Taking the time to figure out where your bits and bobs belong is a crucial step when it comes to making your house feel like home. If you need a little more time to find the perfect fit for each and every one of your items, a trusted removals and storage London team can store your belongings in short term climate controlled storage units, keeping your items safe and sound until you can picture them in your new place. 

Enjoying your move: the ultimate removals and storage London checklist

7. Keeping your documents close by

Whether you’re close to going on holiday or not, there’s nothing more gut-dropping than the feeling of losing your passport and other important files. When you move house, it’s important to make sure you know exactly where important documents like your passport, driving license and home insurance certificates are. One way to avoid the hassle of this during your move is to store your items with an expert removals and storage London team. As well as carefully checking off your items with an inventory so you have the peace of mind that everything is where it should be, storing your documents in this way leaves you free from the hassle of burrowing through boxes trying to find everything you need, when you need it. 

Feeling the pressure when it comes to planning your house move? Whatever your moving dilemmas, our expert removals and storage London team will be on hand to help you make your moving day one to remember for all the right reasons. Give us a call to find out more

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