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Solving your Secure Storage Scares: Warner Brothers Case Study

During your commercial renovation or refurbishment, secure storage of your belongings is the last thing you want to be worrying about. Whether you’re taking on a refurbishment project or simply having a spring clean, placing your possessions in secure storage is a sure fire way of making sure your reshuffle goes smoothly. So how do we ensure every one of your belongings are kept safe and sound in secure storage, and delivered back to you in prime condition? Take a look at one of our most recent clients’, Warner Brothers, experience with us to see how secure storage can be of use to you.

How have we helped Warner Brothers during their theatre renovation?

Warner Brothers is a fully integrated, broad-based entertainment company and a global leader in the entertainment industry. Warner Brothers are currently in the process of renovating their theatre, and asked us to help them out with secure storage as the renovation gets underway. We collected their theatre seats from their London base, with our furniture storage specialists on hand to make sure every single item was packed to
perfection. Now, the seats are currently being stored within our climate controlled, CCTV monitored , secure storage units.

Solving your Storage Scares: Warner Brothers Case Study

How can we help with secure storage during your renovation?

Thinking of carrying out your own renovation? No matter if you’re holding a Warner Brothers-esque theatre refurbishment or you’re relocating to new offices, our secure storage units are designed to take the weight of your possessions off your mind, making sure your journey to a newly refurbished space is as smooth as possible.

Expert decision making

Whether it’s a packing problem or delivery dilemma you’ve got on your hands, our team of specialists will assist you with your move from start to finish, making sure your possessions are in the safest hands, in the most secure storage. With experience in commercial, home and school removals all over London and beyond, we’ll do all we can to make sure your
move is worry free.

24/7 secure storage

When you’re undergoing a big move or renovating your current offices, knowing your equipment is being kept safe and sound is key to your peace of mind. Every one of our secure storage units is monitored by 24/7 CCTV, and with access by appointment only, you can rest easy knowing your possessions are being kept in prime condition, behind closed doors. To make sure not one piece of your equipment is mislaid during your renovation, our expert team also carry out an extensive checklist of your items and your needs, making sure you have complete faith in our secure storage units.

Door to door service in the Big Smoke

Are you a London based business looking to take your business further afield? Perhaps you’re moving across the river, or even out of the capital altogether. We’ve got secure storage units all over the city, so the most convenient, 24/7 monitored storage facilities are never too far from your buildings. When you’re keen to get your move underway, we know it can be frustrating having to undergo a meticulous packing process yourself. Picking up your items from your building, transporting them to your secure storage facility of your choice and bringing them to your front door once your project is complete, we go out of our way to make sure you can get back to work as soon as possible.

Solving your Storage Scares: Warner Brothers Case Study

Protection against the Great British weather

We understand how important your possessions, office equipment and furniture are to you. That’s why every one of our secure storage units is carefully controlled against the elements, with options for small, medium or large spaces to best suit your needs. Alongside great insurance plans, our units are thoroughly protected against wet, humid or extremely cold
conditions. If you’ve got more specific needs for your office equipment, we can help with archiving, furniture secure storage and long term storage units, using our specialist knowledge to equip you with the best possible options. Whatever your requirements, our team will be more than happy to help with your renovation in whatever way we can.

In need of secure storage while you breathe new life into your own office? Our friendly, dedicated team will be more than happy to help you find the best secure storage solutions for your needs, no matter how specific they are. Take a look at our storage options to find out how we can help make your relocation process go forward without a single bump in the road.

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