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We really are a leader when it comes to removals. This is not an unfounded claim. At London Removal Experts, we have made use of every possible resource to improve our services. We keep abreast of new procedures, regulations and equipment to ensure we do everything to the very best of our abilities.

Home Removals in LondonWe really are a leader when it comes to removals. This is not an unfounded claim. At London Removal Experts, we have made use of every possible resource to improve our services. We keep abreast of new procedures, regulations and equipment to ensure we do everything to the very best of our abilities.

We understand how stressful a move can be. Therefore, we will do everything in our power to ensure your removal goes smooth and easy.

Our aim is to outperform your expectations and satisfy all your needs regarding home removal. You do not have to worry about the safety of your possessions or the way we handle them. At London Removal Experts, we understand that relocation can be a daunting experience, and we will organise everything efficiently to make it easy on you.

You can trust professionals

With the assistance of our highly skilled removers it will be much easier. We understand every part of the removal process, whether that's packing and loading operations, or handling tight corners and overly large furniture. We complete every home removal carefully and professionally.

Our team of experienced specialists will seek the most appropriate solution to pack and move your possessions as safely as possible. It is our expertise that enables us to assess each household item to be moved with extreme precision, no matter whether these are grand pianos, antiques or fragile pieces. We like to think we combine great efficiency with the ability to empathise, which together let us provide you with a premier moving service in London.

A standard for all home removals

We always strive for an ethical approach in each and every of our services, and this sets us apart from other companies. We make every effort to provide solutions that are bespoke. That means they are specific to each and every customer we work with and every circumstance we face.

Expert Removals London aim to make relocation as smooth as possible.

You can rest assured that before any item leaves your home, it will be packed expertly in appropriate containers. We utilise a full range of packaging materials:

  • Moving boxes
  • Blankets
  • Bubble wrap
  • Cling film
  • Foam

Our number one priority is to prevent damage to your belongings, and ensure safety of each and every one of your household goods.

In order to achieve the best results, our experts choose most suitable moving supplies. That depends on the dimensions and specific features of every single item in your possession.

Packed and ready to go? With the use of lifting straps, your goods will be carefully loaded onto the van and then safely transported to the new place.

The dimension of the vans is paramount to achieve a high-quality relocation service. When we initially plan your complete house removal, we make sure we have the most appropriate size of vans. That depends on the type and dimension of items requiring transportation. We also check the space available for parking. Our aim is to find the most convenient solution to speed up the process and make it safe.

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If you have enough packaging, get it to the professionals!

Frequently Asked Questions

1How to pack a mirror for moving?

A lot of our clients who are booking only a moving service with us ask us about how to pack mirrors, so we’ve decided to to give you practical advise.

We hope that below answers will help you either pack your mirrors properly or get a professional to do it for you.

The below is a detailed list:

1. To pack any fragile mirror you’d need appropriate packing materials: various sizes cardboard boxes, special mirror boxes, bubble blankets, bubble wrap, wool covers, special wooden crates. Depending on size, shape and value you will need to use different packing materials

2. Small to medium mirrors or pictures that are not very valuable, you can use bubble wrap and put couple mirrors or pictures in one box making sure to clearly label the box: FRAGILE on top of the box.

3. An odd shaped items you can use bubble wrap or bubble blanket to wrap the piece tightly and for extra security you can cut open cardboard boxes to make a custom shaped box

4. Very large mirrors and/or pictures should have an extra layer of wool blanket on top of bubble wrap. For corners you can get a special foam corner covers or just add an extra layer of bubble wrap. You can also use custom sized cardboard box, but make sure to label where is the front of the mirror or picture.

5. For valuable mirrors and pictures or for international moving you can use made to measure wooden crates which insides are covered in foam, but those crates can be quite expensive.

2Things you should know about parking when moving in Islington
Parking bay suspension may be a thing of the past in Greater London for various of reasons in some cases it is necessary, but let’s focus on Islington Council here.

Parking Suspension. Is it needed when moving?
To start with, parking bay suspension booking process is a real pain in the neck. As pretty much everywhere, transition to 21st century seems much more difficult for any government bodies then individuals or private sector businesses.

You have to find appropriate website, download a form, print it, fill it scan it and send it by email. If you’ve done everything correctly, then great! The only thing left is to call the council (sic) and make a payment. As we all know, there are already 1 million things to worry about when moving home, and the organizing parking process does not make a move any easier.

This is why companies like Removal Experts offers their clients parking reservation for them. Let’s keep in mind though, that in most cases reserving a parking is not possible to begin with as most councils require 10+ days notice to suspend a bay and we know that 9 out of 10 times the confirmation that you are in fact moving comes 7 days before actual moving date.

Thankfully, at least for our industry, Islington Council adapted their policies for moving to be a bit easier. Currently, there is no need for special permissions for parking a removals van providing certain criteria are met:

  • The vehicle must be clearly marked as a removals van/truck
  • Vehicle must be parked on residents bay or single yellow line
  • Loading/Unloading must be continuous

So what does this mean really? First of all, as the costs involving moving are already high, so you are saving money (currently £91 per bay). On top of that you are also saving so much time, by not filing or sending any forms. Most of all there are less things to worry about. You’ll book a moving company, they arrive and start the job.

In some cases however, suspending a parking bay is necessary as most of the streets in London are pretty narrow and busy. If there is a risk that a removal van will not be able to park closely to your place it is worth it to organize a parking. The last thing you’d need on the moving day for the crew to walk 200 yards carrying your items into or from the vehicle. It would make whole moving process much longer and more stressful for everyone. Any professional removal company can organize the parking suspension for you, so you should at least consider parking situation on both ends of the move.

3Before moving in London

There are a lot of things you need to prepare before moving from one house to another. Most people think it’s just about packing everything up and loading it into a van, but there is one more step called logistics. First, make a list of all the things you will need on the day of the move, such as personal items or bedding, and remember to put them in a separate box that you can find easily. You will also need to redirect your subscriptions delivery, post from banks, etc. Do the same with your Internet and television bills.

/p>Also, check your insurance policy and whether or not it will cover your new property. Call up your dentist and doctor to let them know that you are moving, find the same facilities in your new area, and register with them. If your kids or animals will be present on the day of the move, make sure they are suitably taken care of, otherwise they might get in the way, and if you are moving heavy furniture, it might get dangerous.

On the day of the move, have everyone split up their tasks. Have each person check their room for anything left behind, and do the same with all the utility and kitchen cupboards. One helpful tip for all the nice people out there is to leave all the household appliances manuals for the people moving into your old property – it might not be much, but they will surely appreciate it.

4If you want to move house

If you want to move house in the near future, take a piece of advice from us, and… get rid of as many things as possible! Moving house is a good time to do some house clearing, and you would be surprised how much you can throw out and not even miss it. Here’s a good tip on clearing your wardrobe.

Make a habit of hanging the clothes you recently wore with the hanger facing out. Check every six months how much things are facing the other way, and either give them away or throw them out. That, of course, does not include seasonal clothing, because you might not have a chance to wear them for months.

You also have to realise that if you are moving with a removal company you are paying for each individual thing to be moved. Some take more time than others, and time in this instance is money. For example, if you have a large wardrobe that needs to be first disassembled, or moved carefully, but it is old and falling apart, and you might get about twenty pounds for it, then there is no point in moving it anywhere.

The same thing applies to paperwork, if you have any. It often adds up to the point when it is difficult to move it around, it fills boxes up, and just takes up space in the van. Either get rid of anything you don’t need, or upload your files to a PC earlier on if possible. You shouldn’t be storing any important data on paper, anyway.

If you have enough packaging, get it to the professionals!

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