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Things you should know about parking in Islington when moving

Parking in insligton

Parking bay suspension may be a thing of the past in Greater London for various of reasons. In some cases it is necessary, but let’s focus on parking in Islington Council here.

parking in islington

Parking Suspension. Do you need it when moving?

To start with, parking in Islington in terms of bay suspension booking process is a real pain in the neck. As pretty much everywhere, transition to 21st century seems much more difficult for any government bodies then individuals or private sector businesses.

You have to find appropriate website, download a form, print it, fill it scan it and send it by email. If you’ve done everything correctly, then great! The only thing left is to call the council (sic) and make a payment.
As we all know, there are already 1 million things to worry about when moving home. Organizing parking process does not make a move any easier.


This is why companies like Removals and Storage Experts LTD offers their clients parking reservation for them.

Let’s keep in mind though, that in most cases reserving a parking is not possible to begin with. most councils require 10+ days notice to suspend a bay and we know that 9 out of 10 times the confirmation that you are in fact moving comes 7 days before actual moving date.

Thankfully, at least for our industry, Islington Council adapted their policies for moving to be a bit easier. Currently, there is no need for special permissions for parking a removals van providing certain criteria are met:

  • The vehicle must be clearly marked as a removals van/truck
  • Vehicle must be parked on residents bay or single yellow line
  • Loading/Unloading must be continuous

So what does this mean for parking in Islington, really?

First of all, as the costs involving moving are already high, so you are saving money (currently £91 per bay). On top of that you are also saving so much time, by not filing or sending any forms. Most of all there are less things to worry about. You’ll book a moving company, they arrive and start the job.

In some cases however, suspending a parking bay is necessary as most of the streets in London are pretty narrow and busy. If there is a risk that a removal van will not be able to park closely to your place it is worth it to organize a parking. The last thing you’d need on the moving day for the crew to walk 200 yards carrying your items into or from the vehicle. It would make whole moving process much longer and more stressful for everyone. Any professional removal company can organize the parking suspension for you, so you should at least consider parking situation on both ends of the move.

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