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Tips for a Successful Office Move

successful office move

Tips for successful office move.

How the Best Packers and Movers do

There are many reasons that a business may want to relocate:

  • Re-sizing – Companies may be expanding or downsizing and need new premises that better suit their needs.
  • Location – Businesses that rely on passing trade may want to relocate to a better position.
  • Budget – If a better deal on rental can be found, companies stand to profit from lower overhead costs.

Whatever the reason for your office move, companies will need to consider the best options to relocate their business premises with the least amount of fuss and upheaval to ensure the most seamless transfer possible. Moves should be super-efficient in order to avoid any costly delays for the business.

Packers and Movers: Check and Re-check the removal dates

Once a date has been set to obtain the keys for the new space, it is time to really plan for the ofice move. Members of staff should already have been made aware of the situation by this point so hopefully all desks etc. will have been emptied and tidied as much as possible.

Once the dates have been set, it is time to start organising files etc. Archived files should be pulled, labelled and stacked ready for removal. Anything that can’t be pulled out or made ready due to lack of space or being in use should be labelled clearly, stating what needs to happen to it (placing with such and such in this room at the new site).

All email alerts should be set to let clients know what is happening should they try to get in touch during the moving period.

The Moving day of Professional Packers

Hopefully the professional moving company will arrive on time and do the work with as little interference from the business manager as possible. That being said, there will need to be somebody on hand in case any unexpected occurrences take place. Responsible parties should be at both the old and new site to oversee your office move.

Once the old office is empty, if businesses have chosen wisely, other members of the removal firm will be on site to clean the office. Depending on the purpose of business, there is often no need for a deep clean, however, it is always a good idea to check company policies about carpet and window cleaning as these can often be viewed as specialist services.

Furniture Packers And Movers

Depending on the circumstances, old furniture and equipment may or may not have been used in the new space. Ideally, the office plan should have been arranged before moving day itself. If this is the case, it is a simple task of directing the removal team where to go with each box, item of furniture or piece of equipment. If the labelling task was carried out well, then this will make the job easier again.

Movers and Packers Rates

The furniture removal company will do all of the heavy lifting and a good firm should be able to assist you for as long as it takes. However, the job of setting up desks and computers etc. lies with the company.

With careful planning, there is little need for a relocation to take up very much valuable time at all.

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