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Commercial Office Removals in London

A well thought-out removal plan should be seamless, meaning that there should be no disruption to company’s work flow. This is sometimes difficult to achieve. That is why, it is best to leave this type of removal service to professionals, leaving company’s employees free to take care of their regular tasks.
If you are the one responsible for the smooth operation of the removal mechanism in your office, know that you will need to be thoroughly prepared. This is one of the things that differentiate a commercial move from a domestic one. A domestic move gone wrong means that you will have to spend a couple of nights at your friend's place; a commercial move gone wrong can paralyse your entire company and generate loss. That is why, it is recommended to start preparing as soon as possible, and save at least a few days for packing.

Office Removals

The main things to consider when preparing for office relocation are disassembling and packing of furniture, making sure there is enough space to efficiently dismantle all of the IT equipment, and having enough of the right kind of packing materials. You could read guides, do some research, and reserve a few days extra just in case, but the only way to guarantee a smooth run is to hire a quality removal company. A team of specialists will be able to cover all fronts and leave you free to do other tasks.

Commercial Removal Experts in London

While relocating the office, more often than not you will need the help of specialists in such fields as IT, plumbing, electrical work etc., who can deal with anything that comes ahead. Having to dismantle all delicate server equipment, and then not knowing how to wire it back together is not the best situation to be in when trying to run a company. That's where we come to the rescue! As a professional relocation company in London, not only will we take care of dismantling and packing your equipment, but we will also provide you with adequate packing materials. Unlike house removal, where you can stuff mostly anything in a cardboard box and pack it in a van, commercial relocation deal with delicate IT equipment, confidential documents, fragile electronics, etc. You don't want to risk damaging them, do you?

If you require Commercial Removals or Office relocation in London and/or Greater London our office removal service will offer the solution you have been searching for. No matter what size your business we can relocate you with the minimum fuss and disruption.

No matter what your complex removal needs might be we can offer:

  • Archive box supplies
  • Office furniture and commercial asset removals
  • Furniture clearance
  • Archives & Long-term Storage

Legal requirements and obligations insist on long-term storage alongside secure archiving of any business documents and related paperwork. London Removal Experts can arrange London storage solutions as just one aspect of our removal packages as required.

As office spaces are leased at a premium, using city locations for storage is uneconomical. Archive boxes and papers can be stored at our bespoke storage areas. These have the benefit of 24 hour security monitoring and are the ideal storage solution for your specific needs. If you just need short-term storage we can provide these also. They can be arranged while you relocate or for the periods after your move.

Office Removal Insurance & Coverage

We know an office move can be stressful. Time is money and office equipment, furnishings and artworks are expensive items to transport. We have the experience, expertise and insurance policies to protect all your precious assets. It is recommended you take out our simple removals insurance. We aim to offer cost-effective plans which are dovetailed into the office relocation services we provide at London Removal Experts.

Things to consider about the relocation of your office

We take our removal responsibilities very seriously. To help you prepare for your office relocation and demonstrate just what is involved we compiled this article. Having worked with literally hundreds of companies right across London and co-ordinating their office move we have seen it all. Benefit from mistakes others have made so your move will run smoothly with London Removal Experts.

Office Removals – What to Consider Before You Move

Our quality guarantee

To make sure your belongings are thoroughly protected, special packing cases should be employed. It is also essential that the packing process is done by a person who has an understanding of what he’s doing and knows how to distribute weight, what to put together and what to keep separate, etc. There are several things that are often forgotten while undergoing a big move, e.g., filing cabinet and desk contents, decorative items, and personal belongings are left in obscure places. It’s important to remember those, as for instance delicate decorations require special packing, and full filing cabinets are extremely difficult to move.
If you’re planning to go ahead with the relocation process yourself, please keep in mind that there are a lot more things to organise than just gather around some boxes and a few people. Parking space organisation in a big city like London is also essential, as you will probably be using a larger-than-average vehicle. Parking permits, building administration approvals, health and safety regulations, etc. are all the things that need consideration.

So if you’re not looking forward to dealing with all of the above issues, the best idea would be to choose our commercial relocation service. We invite you to call us for a free quote.

Removals insurance

All our London removals services are covered by insurance.
  • The price is established according to its market value.
  • Necessary documentation is provided upon request.
  • Our success and excellent feedback stems from the ethical approach we adopt.
  • The quality of our service is high and we are always striving to improve further.
  • We are applying the highest safety standards, methods and procedures.

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