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Commercial Removals

It is our business to relocate yours.

Commercial Removal Experts in London

During office relocation you will need the help of specialists in such fields as IT, plumbing, electrical work etc., who can deal with any unexpected issues that may arise.

Having to dismantle all delicate server equipment and then not knowing how to wire it back together is not the best situation to be in when trying to run a company! That's why we make it our business to relocate yours. So you can focus on what you do best while we do the same, ensuring your needs are met and your expectations are exceeded.

We Know the Ins and Outs

Not only will we take care of dismantling and packing your equipment but we also provide outstanding packing materials. Commercial relocation deals with delicate IT equipment, confidential documents, fragile electronics, etc. and we know you do not want to risk damaging them.

If you require Commercial Removals or Office relocation in London and/or Greater London the experienced team of our Office Removals service will get the job done with efficiency and attention to detail. No matter what size your business we can relocate you with minimal muss or fuss.

Our Quality Guarantee

Special packing cases should be utilised to ensure your belongings are thoroughly protected. We promise the packing process will be done by a person who has an understanding of what they are doing, with knowledge of how to distribute weight, what to put together and what to keep separate, etc.

There are several things that are often forgotten while undergoing a big move! Filing cabinet and desk contents might be left unpacked, decorative items left unprotected, and personal belongings might be left in obscure places. We know it is important to remember those items and their particular needs. Our Quality Guarantee ensures that from small to large no item is left behind.

Removals insurance

  • All our London removals services are covered by insurance
  • The price is established according to its market value
  • Necessary documentation is provided upon request
  • Our success and excellent feedback stems from the detailed approach we adopt
  • The quality of our service is high and we are always striving to improve
  • We apply the highest safety standards, methods and procedures

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