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Moving to Germany

Removals and Storage Experts will take the stress out of your move to Germany.

Experts in Moving Your Home to Germany

We provide high quality bespoke services focusing on safety of your belongings.

Removals and Storage Experts provides a great removals service to relocate you anywhere in Germany.

At Storage and Removals Experts we know what it takes to move your life and your belongings abroad. From planning to execution we can create a bespoke removals plan for your unique needs. Whether you are going to Frankfurt, Munich, Berlin, or beyond we can get your belongings there safely and securely.

We will help you to devise and execute a well thought out removals plan.

Removals and Storage Experts can assist you in planning the most efficient ways to complete your move to Germany. From small to large items, like motorcycles, we have you covered. Our experienced and friendly team has what you need: knowledge and experience of international moves, packing materials for every type of item, storage and insurance options, van and transport options, and more.

How will you get my belongings to Germany?

Your valuables will be properly packed and stored in our secure UK climate controlled storage facility before being transported to Germany. We will then transport your items via train or ferry, with various options to be discussed with you beforehand.

What should I be aware of when moving to Germany?

Over the years we have received some great tips for moving to Germany! It is handy to have some cash euros on your when you arrive; some places in Germany do not accept card. As with moving anywhere where the primary language is not English, we highly recommend learning some German! People speak English in bigger cities but if you are moving to a smaller town the more German you know the easier it will be for you to settle in. Fun fact: Germans are great at recycling. So prepare to sort used packing materials you no longer want so they do not end up in landfill!

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