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Take a look at these Frequently Asked Questions below to learn more about our services.

1What service do you offer?
We provide moving, packing, storage and clearance. We also provide packing materials.
2Can you do packing and moving in one day?
It depends on how big is your property. Usually studio, 1 bedroom, 2 bedroom depends on size we can do in 1 day. Everything above 3 bedroom we split the job in 2 days, day 1 packing service and day 2 moving.
3Do you offer part-packing service?
We can do part-packing service. We always recommend the client to pack personal items, clothes, toys and documents. We recommend to leave for us kitchen, all art, pictures, mirrors, statues, all fragile items and furniture.
4Do you use special technical materials for storage?
If you want to keep your belongings for short term (under 3 months) we use standard packing materials, boxes, bubble wrap. For longer terms we use different specialized packing materials.
5Do you offer packing service?
Yes, we offer full or part-packing service.
6Do you offer packing materials?
Yes, we offer wide range of packing materials for removal and storage.
7Can we pack ourselves?
Yes. We can deliver in advance all packing materials if you wish before the moving date. We recommend to leave all fragile items for us, pictures, mirrors, lamps and antiques in particular.
8Do you charge for storage access?
No, we do not charge for storage access. We charge only if you require assistance in the storage. £15 + VAT per hour per 1 man.
9Can we store a piano?
Yes. We provide dedicated space for piano and big items in our storage.
10Can you park on the yellow line for collection?
We can park on single yellow line for loading and unloading up to 20 minutes. We can park on double yellow line and single yellow for longer period if the customer agrees to pay for the parking ticket (usually £65 in London).
11Can you arrange the parking for us?
Yes, we can arrange parking. This is subject to additional cost.
12Do you offer dismantling and re-assembly of furniture?
Yes. Our team is fully trained to dismantle and re-assembly most of the furniture.
13Can you disconnect and re-connect appliances?
We can disconnect and connect all appliances excluding gas cooker.
14Do you offer disposal service, what do you do with unwanted items?
Yes. We offer disposal, we will deliver all unwanted items to the nearest recycling centre. If requested we can donate items to selected charity or organisation.
15Do you offer insurance for removals and for storage?
Yes. We offer goods in transit insurance for moving and storage insurance. Cost depends on the declared value of the items.
16How much does the viewing cost and how long does it take?
The viewing is free of charge and it takes between 10 to 30 minutes, depends on the size of the property.
17Do you offer photocopies move?
Yes. We can arrange move for you. If you lease a photocopier we recommend to arrange through your leasing company.
18Do you provide special packing materials and crates for office removal?
Yes. We provide all range of packing materials for commercial move and including IT crates rental.
19Do you provide storage for filings and documents?
Yes. We provide special containers with shelves.
20Do you dismantle office furniture?
All depends on the condition of the furniture, lift size in the building and distance to the new offices. Our experienced surveyor will inform you.
21Do you offer server move?
We recommend to contact special company for server move.

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