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Piano Removals in London

Moving pianos with as much love as their (up to) 236 strings sound.

Piano Removals in London

One of the specialist removal services we provide in London is piano removals. Pianos are delicate instruments and should be treated as such. Expert Removals knows that, from upright to grand concert pianos, piano relocation requires knowledge, care, and precision.

With dozens of London piano removals in our portfolio Expert Removals can say we know our business. We provide expert piano removals in London.

Upright Piano Removals

Upright piano removals are the primary models we move simply because they are the most common. We carefully extract the piano from your home or property and strap it firmly in a padded Luton van and bring it to its new destination. - removal companies london

Grand Piano Removals

Removal Experts specialise in moving

  • Steinway & Sons
  • Bechstein grand pianos
  • Bösendorfer grand pianos
  • Blüthner grand pianos
  • Fazioli grand pianos
  • Yamaha grand piano

both with and without player and piano disco systems.

Of course we can do all piano removals London, but even greater care needs to be taken when these quality instruments are commonly valued between £20,000 - £100,000+.

Pianos are one of the most delicate objects to move. If you need piano removal specialists in London, look no further. Removal Experts boast unrivalled experience in piano removal services.

Hire Piano Removal Specialists

For a safe and satisfactory removal process we take it one careful step at a time. Our qualified and experienced staff understands how delicate a piano can be, and we always carry out piano removals with care and expertise. We move all models with the same level of care, dedication, and expertise.

Piano Removal Procedure

In order to avoid any damages, your piano will be moved with extreme care and with the use of special piano removal equipment. We will also keep it safe during transport: protecting it from bumps, the rising/falling of temperature, etc.

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