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An experienced team in London with knowledge, experience, and care every step of the way.

Moving and Storage London

To help you visualize what size of storage unit you may need, we’ve prepared couple of examples below. Please treat them as guide only, as your content may be different from those examples.

Removal West london

1 Bedroom Flat Removal

Typical, full content 1 bedroom flat will require about 50 - 70 sq ft of storage space including estimated 30 medium boxes and 10 large boxes. 2-3 Wardrobe boxes would also fit it.

Large items to consider:

  • Double bed and mattress
  • Large desk
  • TV and TV stand
  • Coffee table
  • 2 seater sofa and armchair
  • Dining Table with 4 chairs

Removal South London

2 Bedroom flat Removal

Regular, full content 2 bedroom flat would usually require 70 - 100 sq ft of storage area including estimated 45 medium boxes and 20 large ones. Fitting  extra 3-4 wardrobe boxes and all furniture should not be a problem.

Large items you may have:

  • 2 double beds with mattresses
  • 2-3 seater sofa and armchair
  • 2 x TV and TV stand
  • Bench and table
  • 2 x chest of drawers
  • Double wardrobe

Removals East London

3+ Bedroom flat Removal

Larger flats or house are significantly harder to generalize, so let’s take this example literally. Storage space required: 100 - 150 sq ft. Estimated boxes: 60 medium 30 large, 4-6 wardrobe boxes.

Bulky items:

  • 3 double beds with mattresses
  • 2 x TV and TV stand
  • L shape Sofa with 2 large futons
  • Large dining table with 6 chairs
  • Fridge freezer, tumble dryer,
  • Washing machine, 10 x plants

Removals in London

We have the knowledge and the passion to assist - whatever your needs in your removal! We offer comprehensive services which include protection and packing, removal/relocation, storage if needed, and delivery back at later stage.With both short term storage and long term storage we will meet your needs every time.

Our Satisfaction Guarantee

Our experienced team will prepare and pack your items securely, so whether delivered from one location to the next or from our storage later your belongings will be in exactly the same condition as when we picked them up. Our crew has extensive knowledge of furniture, appliances, and items large and small, so we know whether an item needs to be taken apart and reassembled to ensure its safety. Let our knowledge and experience guide your fantastic removals and storage experience.

Storage in London

Not only do we provide a thorough service including packing, moving, storage, and retrieval at a competitive rate, but we save you a lot of hassle. What make us different is that you do not have to physically go to storage with us to retrieve your belongings. We do all the paperwork with you during collection of the items to save your valuable time and energy later for the things which matter most to you. And you can access your items anytime from Monday to Friday! T&Cs apply.

Our Storage Facility

We treat your items with the utmost respect and care. Our facilities are environmentally controlled, so temperature and air humidity is kept at the most neutral levels to prolong the lifespan of your items. Everything is packed securely, with 24/7 surveillance and coded itemisation, so things do not get lost or stolen. We offer great rates - and if you’re looking to store your items for longer than six months we can give even better rates.

If you are unsure how much storage space you need then give us a call! We offer free, no obligation site visits to estimate the job accurately. Call or email us to set up an appointment, or upload photos and a detailed list of your items to be provided with a quote. If you would like more details about our storage do contact us by email or by our office phone, at 02083517101. Our team is glad to help.

Frequently Asked Questions
1How long Can I keep my items in your storage?

Indefinitely. There are no time limits with us. Our insight in this industry allow our storage to be flexible and suitable for both short and long term.

2How Safe Are My Items?

Our warehouse is under constant CCTV surveillance. On top of security, your items will be kept in cozy environmentally controlled conditions.

3Do I Need To Go To Your Storage With Your Crew?

You can if you’d like, but it’s not necessary. Once your items are delivered to our storage, you’d get a confirmation email from us with a reference.

4Are my items insured?

We are fully insured for both goods in transit and storage. We charge £3 per week for every £5000 declared. You can provide us with valued inventory list or we can offer you a service to make an inventory list for you. Insurance is not mandatory.

5Can You Help with packing?
Yes. We provide not only storage but also all supporting services such as full packing service, packing materials, professional relocation. In some cases our team will make photographs of placement of your items to put them back in the same way as when we picked them up. We can also dismantle and reassemble your furniture.
6Do You Provide Piano Storage?
We provide not only specialist storage for piano, but also dedicated storage for antiques, unusual or very large items.
7How much does your storage cost?
Our rates heavily depends on circumstances: volume, storage length, type of items etc. Best way to get a quote is to contact us or call 02083517101
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