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Moving day

Moving day
19th May 2016

Our move was not easy – 3rd floor walk-up and lots of heavy furniture and boxes, and then more boxes from a storage place. The Removal Experts team arrived promptly and packed up the place very quickly. Loading the van took some time but this was done very carefully and with a lot of thought. Before leaving the flat, the guys actually helped to change some of the light-bulbs. All of this was done extremely professionally and with a great attitude. The move into the new flat took quite a long time as everything had to be carried up to the 3rdand 4thfloors. Again, the team kept their positive and helpful attitude. Overall, the team did an extremely professional job, with a positive and helpful attitude throughout the day and made this whole experience a great deal less stressful. After the move, Martin came to pick up all the used boxes. Thank you Removal Experts!

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